Spud.ca Promo Code: $20 off $50 (Vancouver & Calgary)


Spud.ca is an online organic produce and grocery delivery service which has locations on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland and Calgary. Right now, they are offering a great promo code for a $20 discount on an online spend of $50 or more!

Click here to use the Spud promo code online

  • Promo Code: SPUDNOW
  • Discount: $20 off $50
  • Expires: 30th April 2010

I'm not in this area, so I have never used Spud.ca. Have you? What do you think of the service?


  • Danielle
    For anyone who missed out on this code, use CRVAN-LOVDAN when you sign up for spud, to get $25 off your first 4 orders.
  • Jessica
    Coupon COde: CRCAL-FIFJEN Use this code to save $25 off your first 4 deliveries of Excellent organic and local foods, including vegetarian. $5 off your first 3 orders and $10 off your 4th!
  • Crystal
    Since the original code has expired. Use Coupon Code: CRVAN-ALLCRY for $25.00 in free groceries. $5 off your first 3 orders and $10 off your 4th!
  • Joshua
    Coupon code: CRVAN-ASHROB - Current spud.ca coupon code. Use this code to save $25. $5 off your first three orders and $10 off your fourth!
  • Linda
    Get $25 in groceries with promo code CRVAN-DOOLIN and you will also help a new mom. $5 off first three orders an $10 off fourth order at spud.ca
  • Leslie
    $25 off with promo code CRVAN-YOKORA No expiry date. $5 off first 3 orders and $10 off fourth
  • EB
    CRCAL-BREERA is another promo code that will guarantee $25 off over 4 deliveries. This code is definitely still working!
    • Mikaela
      CRCAL-BREERA.. didn't work
      • Mel
        Hi Mikaela! Try CRVAN-MILANE! A friend just sent it over and it worked!
  • Avigayil
    Cant wait till they come to Edmonton!
  • Organic L.
    Get spud.ca organic home delivery service's $25 OFF coupon code(no expiry date!) here! promo code: CRVAN-COLYDA Spud.ca offers organic grocery delivery in Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Calgary.
  • watermei
    Save $25 over your first 4 deliveries with spud.ca Current code - CRVAN-CHIANA
  • Ols R.
    Get $25 in free groceries! You receive $5 off each of your first three orders, then $10 off your fourth! Use coupon CRVAN-OLSRHE
  • Azy
    Use promo code CRVAN-NASAZY
  • Jessica
    Save $25 with the current spud.com and spud.ca coupon code: CRVAN-ASHROB. $5 off your first 3 and $10 off your 4th order. Fast, fresh, organic home food delivery.
  • Jennifer B.
    A Victoria (Vancouver Island) code for the same $25 off deal: CRVIC-BALJEB

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