Sobeys Is Selling Avocado Halves - Check Out The Amount of Packaging!

Sobeys Wastes Packaging on Avocado Halves!

Okay Moosers, here is something that irks me! Sobeys Canada has just started selling Avocado Halves. While it is fabulous that Sobeys wants more Canadians to try eating avocados, I think the amount of packaging they have used is absolutely ridiculous. Do they seriously need plastic wrap and a cardboard box for just one avocado cut in half? Too bad nature didn't have a way of wrapping these avocados so that we didn't have to waste all that plastic... not!

This fact has been blowing people's minds. Calavo is the name of the food company that is processing these avocados. They come pre-cut and pre-wrapped. I guess you could say that it offers convenience for some. Sobeys states that this product was developed for people who might be new to using avocados. On their Facebook page they state that this product will eliminate the guess work when it comes to the ripeness of the avocado, as well as any challenges that come with peeling and preparing this healthy item. For others though, this is super wasteful and over priced. The avocado halves will run you $3.99 before taxes. They are wrapped in plastic and then placed in a cardboard box. Some people are commenting on Facebook saying that the package would take longer to open than the actual avocado.

I see both sides of the fence, though I wouldn't buy this product. Avocado is definitely super healthy for you, but it does require knowledge and a lot of work to get it ready to use or eat. For some of us moms, time is a hot commodity so buying the avocados prepared like this would be a life saver. Though I think the amount of packaging is a bit unnecessary.

Here is the link to the original post on the Sobeys Facebook page, which is where I got my photos and screenshot from.

Moosers, do you think the amount of packaging is worth the convenience? Would you buy these?


  • Wayne1973

    Stupid idea, and paying $4.00 for one avocado is ridiculous as well. But I guess you have to pay for the "convenience" of having it cut for you.

    • CuteSavings

      I agree about that for sure! I could probably get 4 avocados for that price.

  • Tamara M.

    Sickening. Sobey's needs to quit it.

  • Robyn B.

    Very wasteful

  • Kate S.

    Anyone willing to pay $4 for 1 avocado doesn't have enough brains to realize it is wasteful and lazy to buy a pitted avocado.

  • Laura D.

    Just as wasteful as every precut packaged produce item.

  • Jennifer P.

    Imagine the preservatives in that!

  • Melanie A.


  • Heather H.

    Wasteful and by the time you actually open the package you could already have a fresh one cut open.

  • Keely A.

    What a waste and proves how lazy people are... kinda like prewrapped baked potatoes..

  • Beth P.


  • Mardina H.

    Who is this for anyway? Am I going to buy this and eat it in the car on the way home? Silly and wasteful.

  • Talia B.

    Too bad an avocado comes in its own packaging!

  • Arlene C.

    What a waste. Why bother.

    • Jodie F.

      First peeled oranges now this!! They come in their own neat and biodegradable package why make cardboard and plastic an extra waste....totally agreed what a waste and why bother...

  • Penny T.

    How lazy do you need to buy this? And hello the packaging!!!! Great for the environment! Way to go!

  • Alison C.

    Wasteful. It naturally comes in its own packaging.

  • Pat A.

    At first i thought it was completely wasteful. But then i realized there are times when i only want half an avocado and if it's not stored perfectly the other half goes to waste. So if the packaging is made to allow you to use one half but keep the other sealed it had it uses.

    • Karley D.

      If you keep the pit in the other half it lasts longer in fridge :)

    • A.m. R.

      seal your other half perfectly yourself.

    • Christina M.

      Store it with an onion!

    • Charlene D.

      Get some glad press n seal! I use it on the half of avocado that has the pit. Cover it up and there'll be a few small brown spots the next day but nothing too bad! Also work on bananas too

    • Kristal B.

      $3.99 for one avocado just to save the other half. You could probably buy half a dozen for that price, just eat half and throw the other half away if you don't know how to store it properly. Never mind the preservatives that are probably slathered on that thing! Lol

  • triciachin

    Did they learn nothing from Whole Foods and the pre-peeled orange in the plastic container? Wouldn't a picture of how to split and de-seed an avocado suffice? I don't think avocados are that exotic or foreign that it would be that hard to figure out.

    • miarodak

      Right?! Even if you've never seen an avocado, instructions for preparing any type of whole food are only a click away—thank you Google! This leaves me shaking my head, too. 

  • Melissa A.

    I can't believe people are that lazy right?!

  • Erin K.


  • Candy M.

    Look at the packaging. Horrible waste

  • Kelly A.

    Sorry i felt it wasteful for wrapper and price we are paying for.

  • Maryse H.

    This is up there with Whole Foods selling peeled oranges in plastic containers and those packages of pomegranate seeds. So wasteful!

    • Heather H.

      Not for those with disabilities. ....they are wonderful for them

  • Alison F.

    Sad... that's a disgrace

  • Brenda R.

    WASTEFUL! ...I am so fed up with extra and unnecessary packaging...the government needs to start taking companies to task and require them to reduce or eliminate packaging!!!

  • Nancy A.

    Terrible waste...20 cents apiece in Phoenix last week.

  • Pat F.

    Wonder when the first recall will be !

  • Nicola Y.

    What preservatives are added to the avocado to keep it fresh. How harmful are those preservatives????

  • Kellie B.

    Wasteful, why not natural packaging? Avocado ' s turn brown when exposed to air, what chemicals are on those?

  • Chantal N.

    A waste! It takes a minute to cut an avocado ...

  • Heather V.

    I can see them wrapped in plastic maybe but anything beyond that is just way too much. Besides, how long do they sit on the shelf like that and are they still the proper ripeness when you actually buy it? I mean, they would have to be ripe when cut and packaged and then they get shipped to the store and sit on the shelf for how long? I would think that the shelf life would be extremely short. How many do they end up throwing out when people don't buy them? So many things wrong with this.

  • Elaine S.

    If it makes anyone feel better they are not selling. Lol .At least not at the one I work at.

  • Jesse L.

    Next up: pre toasted bread. Peanut butter optional

  • Arleen B.

    They have just made an avocado a processed food. What are they doing so they don't turn brown.

  • Christie C.

    Wasteful. The height of lasyness

  • April N.

    We are a dumb and lazy race- this is only more proof

  • Jim B.

    Stupid and they are preserved !!!

  • Maria A.

    Completely wasteful!!! :angry:

  • Stacy G.

    Check out the price. $3.99 for one avocado. There is no justification for the packaging.

  • Frankie S.

    A sign we are all way too busy.

  • Michelle K.

    Why!! Just..... Why????

  • Wendy R.

    Stupid and omgosh the packaging! !!cut your own avy in half and place the other half face down on a plate in the fridge for later.......

  • Heidi R.

    You'd be better off buying a whole one for $1 and throwing half away. Then it would biodegrade

  • Carrie E.

    I think it may be the same situation as the peeled oranges. Wasteful at first glance but when you look from the perspective of people with a disability, or a condition that limits mobility that this could prove helpful for many.

    • Christine M.

      There's def a need for people with disabilities to use these products.

    • Kim M.

      I have and am disabled, i find excessive packaging to be difficult at best to impossible for my weak hands to manage. I often need help from someone to open pop bottles, I can only imagine how hard it would be to get into first the cardboard box, then the plastic surrounding the half avacado. Thanks but no way thanks!

    • Sue W.

      If someone with a disability cannot pit an avocado ... how the heck are they going to manage to bust into that packaging ???

    • Carrie E.

      I don't know. But I don't think that as people of privilege and ability it's up to us to make that decision for all people. I'm just saying it may be helpful to some and just because it isn't immediately visible to us, we should perhaps not be so quick to jump to judgement.

    • Carrie E.

      No. My original post said it MAY BE. After the up roar about the peeled oranges a bunch of groups representing people with disabilities said this was actually something really helpful to them. I was just raising the thought that this could be along the same lines as that and people shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions just because they don't personally see the need in something. Maybe it is 100% wasteful, but it's not my place to make decisions like that for other people who's lives I'm not living.

  • Carol B.

    How many chemicals are they using to make it appear fresh?

  • linnett

    Even though Sobeys are really big here in the Maritimes, I have stopped shopping there as their pricing has gone through the roof, quality of fresh produce etc have gone down and they are not customer friendly.

  • Zee S.

    What additional product/chemical are they using to keep it fresh? Sobeys groceries are always suspiciously picture perfect. Dont think they need the box n all.

  • Janet P.

    Yuk more fresh products stuffed int a package.... Good grief cut your on fruit and veggies

  • Donna B.

    Nope, would not buy it. When I see packaged I automatically see processed for longer shelf life

  • Lisa A.

    Just horrible!I buy a bag at GT for under 4$!

  • Kate B.

    They could streamline that packaging. It is wasteful.

  • Brenda F.


    • A.m. R.

      my question exactly..what's with this.. all that plastic packaging is NOT better.

  • Laurie M.

    Half thr time you peel them and they are rotten. So that's wasteful

  • Amanda M.


  • Tracy K.

    This ticks me off......the amount of packaging used to cut an advocate in half is ridiculous and is a sabotage to our recycle programs, What does it take to cut a advocate in half ???? FFS PLEASEEEEEEEE !!

  • Adrienne W.

    Wasteful. What a Poor use of resources.

  • Laura C.

    No! No! No! It comes in its very own natural packaging and when I buy avocados, it will be with a plan to use them ASAP. I cling film wrap or a plastic tub to keep it in overnight.

  • Tammy L.

    Making people very lazy...and 4 bucks for an avacado just because it's cut in thanks...wasteful...tut. ..tut

  • Cindy L.

    Totally wasteful. ... and to think of the preservatives to keep it fresh...... ppl and gimics

  • Kristen H.


  • Kim M.

    How pointless! Sobeys customers need to not buy these idiotic schemes!

  • Tracy K.


  • Danielle M.

    Hmm weird

  • Linda H.

    So stupid what a waste of money! !

  • Ace T.

    Anything processed = bad choice..

  • Gary S.

    Does it play music for that price?

  • Anne A.


  • Sandra D.

    wasteful for sure. and the seed is very important as well. also the price? It is not that hard to peel one.

  • Carla O.

    What a waste!!!

  • Claire M.


  • Nettie K.

    Won't buy. Waste of packaging.

  • Jeka A.

    This is for lazy people. And the plastic package bad for the environment.

  • Sue W.

    Never mind the packaging ... check out that price !!!

    • Vanessa F.

      Seems ridiculous! Imagine whats on those things to keep them from browning! All that many to pay for chemicals - I dont mind cutting them... Its always a surprise to see whats on the inside!

  • Dawn H.

    4 bux for a cut up avocado? are you serious, what a bunch of crap

  • Deb P.

    And they are likely selling the seed for more then the fruit. Double profit.

  • Heather H.

    I think if people want to buy it that's their perogative snd none of my business. ..but I think it's a good idea.

  • Judith R.

    This is the most inane thing I've seen in a while!

  • Chantal M.

    People are so effing lazy. Want us to chew that for you too??

  • Jen M.

    Wtf. Total waste of money & creates waste! How hard is it to buy an avocado and cut it in half? Seriously. Who came up with this brilliant idea?!

  • Linda G.

    Hmm and the chemicals to keep it fresh.

  • Lisa B.

    Stupidest thing I've ever seen!

  • Karen K.

    What a waste!

  • Tuesdae S.

    Yeah no thanks!! All the stuff on it to keep is colour.

  • Stacy H.

    Absolutely insane waste.

  • Annie B.

    Sooooo wasteful. It is so contrary to what we are trying to establish with recycling. Who in the world can't have time to cut an avocado in half??? Come on, nonsense!!! :rage:

  • Lawrence R.

    Just buy 1 and forget all that packaging

    • Scott W.

      it's not about the packaging , it's about all the shit, toxic preservatives that must be in that to make it possible to package.

    • Scott W.

      avacado is supposed to be good for u .

  • Jennifer W.

    This is a wasteful it only takes a seconds to cut a avocado

  • Heather P.

    How lazy does one have to be that they can't cut and peel an avocado! You should be banned from eating them if you can't make the effort!

  • Trish W.

    What a complete waste

  • Larry S.

    Omg u ppl are so pathetic thinkn this is a nasty idea well think of the seniors that can't peel these OK

  • Kelli H.


  • Nicoline W.

    Wasteful packaging

  • Pina K.

    This packaging is just another tactic that companies are using to increase prices and laziness. Our landfills are over filled. What are they doing? Here we are trying to conserve, recycle and not waste! Fresh is packaging, no preservatives or additives!

  • Michelle B.

    waste, because what chemical are they using to keep it from going brown once it has been cut open and the core nut removed

  • Gail Y.

    No, I would never buy this product. What are they putting on the avocado to keep it fresh, and the packaging is crazy. I could cut 5 avocados before I was able to open that package. Why would someone need or buy this ?

  • Lisa M.

    So wasteful!

  • Dale M.

    I don't know what's more ridiculous; the packaging or the price.

  • Erin K.


  • Shauna C.

    Don't buy it & they won't either. Period.

  • Sonya L.

    Ridiculous! !!

  • Chari W.

    What a waste

  • Troy D.

    L A Z Y !!!

  • Troy D.

    Its like there selling oranges already peeled... SERIOUSLY! !! LAZY ...

  • Dorothy W.


  • Lindsay W.

    Perhaps a fine to companies that use excessive packaging is in order?

  • Lindsay B.

    This is no different then packaged veggie trays and fruit platters, so take your pretentious judgmental attitude elsewhere :)

  • Rob A.

    So what you're trying to tell me is... You cut an avocado in half, took the pit out put a preservative on it so it doesn't blacken sealed it and put packaging around it and are going to charge $4 for it. Oh hell this is a great idea sign me up!

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