SC Johnston Coupons: Freebies & BOGOs (HOT Grocery Coupons!)

On the SC Johnston Canada website, you can sign up to get $20 worth of really useful grocery coupons. This deal is in their “family savings centre.”

Here is the list of free grocery coupons: Fre grocery coupons

  • Buy any 2 Scrubbing Bubbles products and save $2
  • Buy any Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner starter kit and save $5
  • Buy any Glade product and save $2
  • Try me free – Glade scented oil candle tins
  • Buy Windex multi-surface & save $2
  • Buy any Raid product and save $3
  • Buy any 2 Ziploc brand products & save $2
  • Buy any Pledge aerosol and get 1 free

Some of the coupons are really handy! In particular, the Glade free scented oil tins and the BOGO Pledge coupons are very useful.

Technical note: in order to get these handy coupons, you have to install some proprietary coupon software on your computer. While I really don’t like it when coupon sites make you do that, it’s a necessary evil sometimes.

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