No Frills Now Accepting PC Plus Points!

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I am over the moon about this announcement! No Frills is now accepting PC Plus points. Woohoo! This does start tomorrow so don't rush out right now with your wallets!

If you are a regular shopper of the PC brand of stores - Loblaw, Zehrs, Fortinos, Superstore, etc., you've been happily collecting your PC Plus points and saving so much money on your groceries. In the first month that PC Plus became available, I saved $80 on my groceries. I shopped at Loblaw each week and loved the store. Unfortunately for me, I moved to a small town where the nearest PC Plus accepting store is a 20-minute drive away. My town has Sobeys and No Frills and both weren't great options. Sobeys offers a rewards system, but it is far inferior to the PC Plus one with more purchases needed to get points and a confusing points system. The PC Plus one is so simple - 20,000 points is $20 and so on. I don't mind shopping at No Frills but felt a little jaded that I wasn't getting points for it. Well, now I can!

This means that not only do I get to price match, get some low prices overall, I'll get rewarded for it. Luckily for me, my No Frills is a fairly and new and well-kept store and the produce and meat look decent. I know sometimes shopping at No Frills you can't always trust the freshness of the fresh stuff.

Considering I am off to get groceries tomorrow, I've now changed my plans of driving to another city and I can do it right in town. I can't wait to redeem some points! If you don't know what PC Plus is, you can read my post about it here. While so many people had trouble getting an account or syncing accounts, I had no trouble when I signed up. The only annoying part is that you have to load your offers (your personal ones) from your email each week. There are in-store offers that you'll get, but if you don't load those other ones, you won't get the points for them.

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  • Laura
    Do you happen to know..with PC points, do you need to load the offers each week or can points still be accumulated if you grocery shop without pre-loading? Like are the offers just for extra points? I usually grocery shop on a whim and always forget to load offers.
    • joy
      The weekly offers are bonus points. You still get regular points when you shop even if you don't load the weekly offers. They send the email Friday and it takes 2 steps to load.

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