Laura Secord Canada: 3 Boxes Of Miniature Chocolates For Only $20

Laura Secord Canada is offering 3 boxes of their miniature chocolates, 100 g for only $20.  Offer will expire on November 4th 2012.

Honestly, this is a great deal, but mostly for in-store as the shipping charge would be more than your savings, unless you’re planning on buying quite a few items.

The miniature chocolates are $7.99 per box, but if you buy 3 at $20, you’re saving $3.97.  I’ve tried to find something that tells us which chocolates are included in the box, but no such luck.  Like I stated earlier, it’s not that good of a deal for online, unless your purchase is bigger.

If I were to purchase all the specials on boxed chocolates, like the Assorted Chocolates 200 g that is $13.99 a box or 2 for $25, I would save a total of $2.98.  Then, if I also purchased the Assorted Chocolates 400 g that are $24.99 a box or 2 for $40, I would save $9.98.

So in total with all specials, I save $16.93 and shipping is $12.65.  I’m ahead of the game a little, but not very much.   Still, this would work for me as I love Laura Secord chocolates and I don’t have a store near me.  The savings would definitely be much better in-store.

I also noticed that they are currently building a food allergy and intolerance section on their site, but it is still under construction.

Shipping:  Depends on your area, within Canada only.

(Expiry: 4th November 2012)

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