Kellogg’s & Europe’s Best Promotion: Free $2.50 Coupons

28 August 2009

This is a deal for fans of Kelloggs cereals, I’m sure there are a few on Bargainmoose! On specially marked packages of certain healthy cereals, there are free coupons to get you a $2.50 discount on Europe’s Best Frozen Fruit. Cereal

Here is the list of applicable cereals:

  • Special K* Original cereal (475g)
  • Special K* Red Berries cereal (350g)
  • Special K* Vanilla Almond cereal (400g)
  • Special K* Satisfaction* cereal (410g)
  • Special K* 5 Grains cereal (535g)
  • All-Bran Original* cereal (525g)
  • All-Bran* Strawberry Medley cereal (375g)
  • All-Bran* Bran Flakes cereal (775g)
  • All-Bran Buds* cereal (500g)
  • Guardian* Original cereal (305g)

Coupons are valid on purchase of 1 Europe's Best® Frozen Fruit product up to 908g.

I actually find that frozen fruit really handy, I use it quite a lot. In my house, we like to make fruit filled jelly, and this frozen mixed fruit is perfect for that. It makes a really tasty dessert, and it is so simple to make. Plus, it looks fab!

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  • Matt
    frozen fruit are better than fresh fruit too! They're picked and frozen when they are ripe to maintain its flavour/nutritional value whilst fresh fruit are picked when they are not ripe. Frozen fruits are perfect for smoothies.

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