Just Eat Canada Promo Code: 25% Off Any Order! (Expired)

11 February 2014


With a super hot promo code, get 25% off your delivery or takeout order from Just Eat with promo code.

Click here to order whatever your little heart desires @ Just-eat.ca now

  • Coupon Code: DONTCOOK25 (Expired)
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

While the expiry for this coupon is unknown, I'd say it won't last long, so don't plan to use this on Friday night and order your Valentine's Day dinner, as you may well be very disappointed. You may also be disappointed if you don't have a credit card, because that is the only way you can order and use a promo code on Just Eat. Check out their FAQ on using promo codes on their site. You also can't use this with any other offer and you can only use it once, so you can't order every night this week with that same promo code. I guess you can if you go over to your friend's house and do it or order from work, although I'm going to assume it might be the credit card that gives you away.

There are tons of restaurants on this site, in most major cities, so you can order sushi, Mediterranean, Indian and pretty much any cuisine that is in delivery distance (or that you will pick up).

Before you order food, you should always check out our forum for Just Eat coupon codes.

Photo Credit: Ramsey Nasser

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  • JUST E.
    Hi! This promotion has actually ended :) Thanks!

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