Free Toastation With Your Bread!


This is an offer from Maple Leaf Canada and Dempsters/Bon Matin bread. If you collect 12 entry codes from their bread products, you can claim a free toaster oven!

Shipping is $18 which is a shame - but $18 for a toaster oven is still a really good deal. If your house is anything like mine, you should be able to collect enough bread wrappers within a few weeks!

The site says that the toaster oven has an approximate value of $60 - not bad! I don't know the expiry date of the deal as the website doesn't say - if you see it on your loaf of bread, can you let the other Bargainmoosers know?

Thanks to Graham for the email!


  • anna
    it says entry codes must be registered by feb 12, 2010 :)
    • Jeannine L.
      Je suis imcapable d`entrer le reste de mes bar code.Pour le grille pain gratuit.
  • Kris
    Bummer that it uses entry codes instead of UPC codes. That means I can't use any of the product I already have.
  • Sherry
    We got the free sandwich grill when they had that deal last year. had to collect 10 UPC codes and the shipped was $15. It was great deal. Just used my grill last night for paninis..yum. I will have to take a look at this deal. Thanks. It looks like it may be more difficult though. Probably, b/c they ran out of grills last year, the promotion was so popular.
  • Graham
    Toaster ovens are currently on sale at Zellers in the clearance area for $ 20. Black and Decker, I believe.
  • blondie
    shipping is $18
    • Graham
      I was pointing out the sale at Zellers in case someone had difficulty in saving the codes or, as was pointed out, the availability. Of course, it does cost two dollars more and every two dollars counts.
  • joy
    I have 5 codes if anyone wants them.
  • No N.
    Joy, that would be great! my email is shaynebirds @ if you want to email them! =)
  • Brenda
    Big time disappointment - all toaster ovens gone as well as 10,000 50% off coupons. Couldn't eat that much bread fast enough and don't have a freezer to store extra in! :-(
  • fred
    The free toasters are gone but they do still some left with the 50% off deal. All you have to do is collect 5 codes and enter them. Then send $48 to them to get the toaster ($30 for toaster and then $18 for the shipping). Great deal! Not! I can go get a nice one at the store for less and have it the same day. Plus I don't have to eat all those carbs or freeze them! Honestly I don't see how they have already given out 10,000 free ones.
  • Nancy
    I thought this "think bread instead" might have been a website with receipes for different types of bread that you could make yourself ! ! ! Really disappointed : (
  • Carole
    I think its a scam too! i so highly doubt that 10000 people scarfed down that much bread in one months time and, furthermore, actually sent away for the thing. there is no way! regardless, $48 is ridiculous to spend on it! It was my mom who gave me the codes to apply for it, in this case my husband would call her a "marketer's dream". And now we have 10 loaves of bread in the freezer. groan. :) I'm surprised more people aren't complaining about it!

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