End Of April Round Up Of The Best Grocery Cash Back Deals


Pretty unbelievable that May is already upon us, isn't it? As you prepare to go grocery shopping, be sure to check out the latest grocery cash back deals. Here are this week's ones from Checkout 51, Snap by Groupon, Zweet and CartSmart.

There are more but here are just some of the top Checkout 51 cash back deals:

  • KitchenAid produce preserver starter kit: $3 cash back
  • Pampers Easy Ups or Splashers: $3 cash back
  • Renees gourmet salad dressing: $1.50 cash back
  • Club House La Grille BBQ sauces: $1 cash back
  • 2000 flushes: $0.75 cash back
  • McCain fries: $0.50 cash back
  • Eggs: $0.50 cash back
  • Tomatoes: $0.50 cash back
  • Fleecy products: $2 cash back

In honour of Cinco de Mayo, you can also get $2 cash back on the purchase of tortilla chips and salsa or $0.75 cash back on Frank's Red Hot sauce. There are also quite a few of really sweet cash back deals on cleaning supplies, even a $20 cash back offer on select Bissell portable deep cleaners, so be sure to check those out.

There aren't as many Snap cash back deals this week but here are just some of them:

  • Pledge floor care: $7 cash back
  • 2 Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner: $5 cash back
  • Rich's Wishes ice cream cakes: $3 cash back
  • 2 Huggies baby wipes: $2 cash back
  • Zoomer magazine: $1 cash back
  • Planters lightly sea salted mixed nuts: $1 cash back

It's almost gone but if you hurry, you could also get $0.50 cash back on Awake chocolate bars.

Here are just some of the latest deals at Zweet but some from last week have been carried over as well:

  • Bahlsen cookies: $0.75 cash back
  • Krinos feta cheese: $0.75 cash back
  • Skotidakis Greek yogourt: $0.50 cash back
  • Europe's best frozen fruits: $0.50 cash back
  • Sabra products: $0.50 cash back
  • Natur-a soya beverages: $0.50 cash back
  • Eggs: $0.25 cash back
  • Orange juice: $0.25 cash back

Hold onto your pants Moosers because there is also a $0.75 cash back deal on Haagen-Dazs ice cream! I'm also super stoked about the $0.75 cash back offer on Sensible Portions Garden veggie chips & straws. Both my baby and I LOVE these straws and get them on a weekly basis at Costco.

There are more but here are just some of CartSmart’s newest cash back offers:

  • O-Live & co. oil: $1 cash back
  • Solo cups: $1 cash back
  • Perrier slim cans: $1 cash back
  • Meguiar’s car care: $1 cash back
  • 2 Idahoan potatoes: $1 cash back
  • Hydrasense nasal spray: $1 cash back
  • Sabra salsa: $0.75 cash back
  • El Monterey Taquitos: $0.75 cash back
  • Pronamel toothpaste: $0.75 cash back
  • Pedigree Dentabone dog chews: $0.50 cash back

Happy grocery shopping Moosers!

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