Easy Freezies - Make Your Own With Reusable Silicon Ice Pop Maker Set $15 @ Amazon.ca

Easy Freezies - Make Your Own!

My friend just posted on Facebook about ziplock bags that you can make ice pops (like freezies) with. I was excited about it until I looked up some prices on-line. Maybe they are cheaper in store, but in any event I was happy when I saw these reusable silicone washable ones, in a colourful 4-pack for $15.

Each ice pop measures 8 inches. The silicone is flexible, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. It would be great to freeze some water with fruit in them and use in a water bottle. I think yogurt pops would be great in these, too. It looks like there's a cap that snaps on to prevent spillage. It's recommended to freeze while upright (in a glass in the freezer to prop them up) and then once frozen, you can lay them on their side. Apparently, little fingers won't get as cold when using these, as compared to a traditional frozen ice pops.

The customer reviews are excellent, and the brand Norpro is a brand that I know and trust. Time to go buy some of these, to have them on hand for the hotter weather!

Shipping is free at Amazon.ca when you spend over $25, so it would be a good idea to purchase a couple of these sets to get free shipping. Otherwise, shipping on one of these sets starts at around $4.50.

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