Costco Canada: Hoover SteamVac Only $144.99

Costco Canada is getting ready to do your Spring cleaning with a Hoover SteamVac for only $144.99, regularly $174.99. I couldn't find it that cheap anywhere else and this price even includes delivery.

This item is definitely something I could use with three boys, including a toddler, a new puppy and two cats. I only have carpets on the upper floors, but after only three years of living in this house, they are already really dirty. We are in the process of starting our Spring cleaning today: moving furniture, dusting, getting rid of things we don't need and organizing. Once everything is put away, we can get the actual cleaning done! This Hoover SteamVac would do a wonderful job on my carpets and would be a great addition to my household on a daily basis, to keep spills from becoming stains.

SpinScrub brushes clean all sides of the carpet fibre so you know you are getting a deep clean. Incredible suction and heated water get absolutely everything out of your carpets. There are two tanks, one for clean warm water and one for dirty cold water, with a 1L clean water capacity. It even includes a starter detergent.

Online reviews say this machine is amazing, that big messes are completely gone after using it and the carpet looks like brand new. They also say it is easy to use and handles very nicely.

Shipping is included in the cost!

(Expiry: 17th March 2013)

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