Checkout51 Android App Launch: Canadian Grocery Cashback

18 April 2013

We've got some news this week for potential new users of the free Canadian grocery cashback app, Checkout51. Their Android app is launching - which is good news for those of you with Android handsets!

From the above link, you will be able to download the app of your choice - either on the app store for iOS or on Google Play for Android.

We've mentioned Checkout51 here on Bargainmoose once before, and that post tells you a little bit more about the Canadian app.  In that thread, Bargainmooser Kate had this to day about it:

I was one of the beta members and I love this app/program! Any savings help when your grocery shopping and this one is for sure worth the time.

Now, while the grocery cashback offers on Checkout51 change on a weekly basis, we don't write about them here on Bargainmoose every single week. We have been putting lists up on our Facebook page, if you want to keep track... or you can just click over to Checkout51 each week, yourself.

For some examples of the current offers this week:

  • Glade Jar Candles - $1 cashback
  • Special K Cereal - $2 cashback
  • Bento Sushi - $1.50 cashback
  • COLDSORE-FX - $5 cashback
  • Kraft Dinner Smart - $0.75 cashback

As you can see, if you add up some of these offers for brands you'd be buying anyway, there's quite a bit of cashback available. A handy tool!

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    Any savings help when *you're grocery shopping and this one is for sure worth the time.

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