Checkout 51 Canada Exclusive: First 200 Moosers Get To Try New Site

Checkout 51 is launching a new site, now allowing users to snap photos or scan their receipts, so you don't need a smartphone to get your cash back from them. They've offered us a try of the site for the first 200 Moosers that sign up. I signed up already, and although I have a smartphone, I know many people who do not, especially those who are trying to save money.

If you've never heard of Checkout 51, you are in for a treat. Literally, you get money just for shopping. Each week Checkout 51 has offers like get $1 cash back for buying Wonder Bread, or get $5 cash back when you buy four Kellogg's products. After you shop, you simply scan or photograph your receipt and upload it to their site, where your cash back will be put into an account. Once you reach $20, you can request a cheque.

This means that you continue to buy your regular groceries, but maybe switch brands that week to try a new one and get the cash back (or maybe you already buy that brand), and you'll earn actual money.

I was going to try the new site today after signing up and spending over $300 on groceries yesterday, only to find out my husband threw out my receipt. That won't happen again! Let me know your experiences and I'd be interested to hear who got the most cash back this week.

This offer expires tonight, so check it out today!

(Photo Credit: Attila Siha)

(Expiry: 31st August 2013)


  • YesM
    I signed up but what exactly is the benefit for the first 200 moosers? Won't anybody signing up get the same thing which is just a scanning way to upload a receipt (instead of with a phone)?
    • Anna W.
      This isn't open to the public yet YesM, it's a trial group at first.
  • Lauren
    How much do you get back for each item? How long does it actually take for you to get to the $20 mark?

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