Canadian Coupons: Ziploc Discounts!


I think we all use freezer bags, be they the supreme commanders of storage, Ziploc, or even the cheap supermarket own brands. If you like buying Ziploc but want to save a few dollars on them, you can sign up on the website to claim some free Canadian coupons.

Right now, these are the coupons available to me:

  • $1 off Ziploc Brand Easy Zipper freezer bags or Double Zipper freezer bags
  • $1 off Ziploc brand Snack Bags
  • $2 off any 2 Ziploc brand Twist 'N Loc containers or Snap 'N Seal containers
  • $2 off Ziploc brand Big Bags
  • $2 off Ziploc brand evolve bags

Saves you a few dollars on your groceries anyway!

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