Save HUGE Money on Kids Building Blocks! (Save over $120)

What do your kids want under the tree for Christmas? A three pound tub of building blocks from, of course.

So I first looked at these prices and thought that they weren't that great. Each three pound tub is between $25 and $29. The shipping is dependent on where you are but ranges from $10 in Ontario to $25 to the territories and Newfoundland. Full shipping details are available on the website. Almost all the buckets are $25 but clear blocks are $27 and glow in the dark ones are $29, The bricks are compatible with all major brands.

So that doesn't sound like an awesome deal, right? $35 to $55 depending on what you get and where you live. So I did some research and found that this is actually a pretty good deal. First off let me show you what you'll get if you order one of these three pound buckets of bricks.

  • 106 pcs - 1x1 dots
  • 106 pcs - 1x2 dots
  • 106 pcs - 2x2 dots
  • 106 pcs - 1x4 dots
  • 318 pcs - 2x4 dots
  • 53 pcs - 2x8 dots
  • 53 pcs - 2x4 [thin dots]

If you were to buy these by another major, very litigious building brick company, you would pay over $175. You'd get free shipping but it's still more expensive even if you are ordering the most expensive tub to the most expensive location. For the other brand it's about $.21/brick and for the bricks it is only around $0.065/brick for the most expensive bricks AND the most expensive shipping. If you're looking for a building bricks, welcome home.

(Expires: never?)


  • toomanynouns
    That's really freaking sweet! I love that they are made in Canada too ^_^
  • Avigayil M.
    Wow... awesome offer! I LOVED 'lego' as a kid... and this deal is stellar. I am positively drooling over the glow in the dark stuff!

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