Bulk Barn Printable Coupon: $3 Off $10

(Bumping an old post with the new coupon!) This is a little printable coupon for the lovers of Bulk Barn Canada. You can get a $3 discount on a spend of $10 or more with this coupon - very nice discount.

This Bulk Barn $3 coupon tends to crop up about once a month, and it's used by a lot of the Bargainmoosers, a very popular coupon on here. If you want to check out the weekly specials, click here, select your province and see if there's anything special you'd like to combine with the coupon.

Bulk Barn is absolutely super for some things, like cereals, dried foods, candy. I've pictured licorice allsorts in the image above, just to get your tastebuds flowing.

Bargainmooser Carlyn had a funny story to share a few months ago:

Just a couple weeks ago I called the Bulk Barn to identify a mysterious white powder my husband had picked up for me. I couldn’t remember anymore what I had asked him to pick up. Baking powder is now identified and labelled! I love shopping at the Bulk Barn.

Well Carlyn, I am glad your "white powder" was something innocuous... !!

My personal recommendation: if you have a lot of items you want to buy, split your orders into $10 sections, and use a few coupons. It says that there is a limit of "one coupon per week" so this method will only work if you either bring a few people with you, and you each use a coupon, or you make a few separate visits to the store. Print it out a couple of times if you want to give that a try because you've got up to the 26th of June to make use of it. You're still within the terms and conditions of the original coupon.

Bargainmooser Cher lives too far away from the Bulk Barn store to receive her flyers in the mail, so she avails of these coupons when we share them on Bargainmoose. Hope you can make use of this one too!

(Expires 28th August 2014)

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    i absolutely will!! thanks cecilia and anna!

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