A Greener Way Canada: 35% Off Exclusive Coupon


A Greener Way has wonderful reusable solutions. They make reusable sandwich wraps, large and small snack bags, wet bags (for bathing suits, diapers on the go and anything else that might get wet), and java sleeves. These can almost eliminate your use of saran-wrap and zip-lock baggies in lunches as well as the cardboard sleeves we use for hot coffee. For 10 days get a moosclusive 35% off all products! You will get free shipping as well, as June is free shipping month!

  • Discount: 35% Off
  • Coupon Code: BARGAINMOOSE
  • Expires: 10th, June 2011

I have 3, 3-peice sets and an extra insulated deli wrap and large snack bag. I also have 2 wet bags for when I go swimming, they make an excellent bathing suit mobile solution. I am excited because A Greener Way has just come out with 2 piece sets, and released a whole bunch of new patterns like All Stars and Spin Jam. They are inexpensive too: a set of 3 costs $15, or only $9.75 with our coupon. Most other places you will only get 1 bag for that price!

I Love these reusable bags. I throw them in the wash, hang to dry: so easy to use. I am taking several of them to New Zealand with me, 1 as a soap bag and others as snack food bags. Even my hubby likes these bags, and my Mom wants a set! :-D



  • Avigayil
    Wehe! I ordered an All Stars set for myself, and a Rainy Day set for my man. :-) Can't wait!
  • nicole c.
    I have ordered in the past and love the bags. We all take turns using them. I think it is time for another set.

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