Custom Calendars for $5 (Save $10/calendar) + Bonus Savings!

28 November 2012

VistaPrint Canada is giving you 66% off their wall calendars (which you can customize!) just in time for both Christmas and the new year!

These calendars are $15 for one (discounts apply when you order more than one) and you only pay $5 each so the discount can be as much as $10 per calendar.

The vast majority of the products I talk about on this site are things I don't have or use. I have a certain level of expertise and experience in some industries so I can write about them with overarching knowledge than specific knowledge. This is one of the rare occasions that I can write about a product I've used.

First up I'm going to talk about VistaPrint themselves. They have a great system set up that allows you to quickly and with the greatest of ease create products on their site. It allows you to customize mugs, pens, shirts, greeting cards, business cards and, in this instance, wall calendars. I've used similar services, or should I say tried to use, and none are this good. My wife, who normally disdains things like this, uses the calendar tool every year with no issue.

The calendars themselves are great. We make one for my parents and her parents every year and they turn out very well. They always go over well with the parents too. Both of our parents are older so for them to set up a Google calendar and check it every day or integrate it with a smartphone or a tablet or something, is more than they care to do. A calendar to hang on a nail in the wall or stick to a fridge, is perfect for them.

Plus, the way my wife makes the calendars, they get to see a picture of their grandson every time they look at the calendar and a new one every month.


There are a ton of other deals on products like greeting cards and shirts to make sure after you are done with the calendar that you check these out too.

(Expires: 30th November 2012)

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