Valentine's Day Gifts: Jewelry From


I've noticed that around this time of year, many stores create a section dedicated to possible Valentine's Day gifts. I really like this idea, as I sometimes struggle to find a unique gift each year. If you had jewelry in mind, has a dedicated gift section with lots of possible ideas in there.

The selection varies from Valentine's charms starting at $50, right up to diamond bracelets starting at over $3k!

I saw this gorgeous 3 stone ruby pendant in the list, but I don't think I would ever spend just short of $1k on myself. I wouldn't be averse to receiveing it as a gift … although I have never worn such an expensive piece of jewelry. I think if I did wear it, I would be holding on to it all night, for fear of losing it!

Guys, if you're looking for something pretty and reasonable, this heart tag bracelet could be a good buy at $100.[More Bluenile coupon codes]

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