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I know I'm posting this quite far in advance, but those of us who like to be prepared with pressies will already be starting to think about a Valentine's Day gift for the other half. By the time you choose and gift and get it shipped, it will nearly be Valentine's Day anyway!

I was browsing and I noticed they have split a few things into a Valentine's Day section, which might be worth taking a look at for gift ideas.

They recommend many different kinds of things, from romantic DVDs to pink laptops!! Let me show you a few examples:

  • Gone With the Wind: You can pick up this classic movie on DVD for only $16.49. You know, I don't think I have ever watched this movie, so it might be a good idea for me. :)
  • 69 Love Songs Box Set [Box set]: I'll not say anything about the provocative number in the name of this CD set... but it could be a good audio gift for a loved one! The CD boxset is only $41.99 and it's packed full of luvvy-dovery songs like I'm Sorry I Love You, Sweet-Lovin' Man and Chicken with It's Head Cut Off!?

Remember, shipping is free from when you spend $39 or more.


  • Jeremie
    Where are the gifts for alone guys? :P (I love Amazon bargains!) Keep the good work Anna!
    • Anna
      Is there a holiday for alone guys? Awww sorry Jeremie :|

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