Up to 34% off Select Canon Cameras and Camcorders at Amazon.ca

14 June 2012

Bargainmoose doesn't only love you, it loves your family too. That's why we're bringing you some sweet deals on Canon cameras and camcorders to capture those precious family moments at up to 34% off. Awwwwwwww!

There are only a couple of items here but they come in a bunch of colours. A couple of the better deals  are on:

Canon has been around making optical products since the 1930's (under the name Kwanon until the 1960's when they changed to Canon) so needless to say, they know what they are doing in this field.

A lot of photographers really swear by Canon's high end dSLRs so why wouldn't a general consumer use one too? I even bought my wife one of their digital ELPHs about four years ago and the pictures still hold up. The camera itself is fine too. My sister-in-law has actually had one for even longer than we have and hers still works too.

(Expires: June 18th 2012)

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  • sara
    Dandy. Pixels very clear

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