Tim Hortons Canada: Free Tassimo Brewer with Variety Pack Purchase (Expired)

12 June 2013

Tim Hortons Canada has an awesome offer happening that will most like go very fast. When you buy a Tim Hortons Tassimo Variety pack in stores, you will get a free Tassimo Brewer with your purchase!

This awesome event starts today at 2pm and will only be only while supplies last.  This is such a great freebie, I expect the Tassimo Brewers to be given out very fast so I would head in as soon as you can to take advantage of this deal.

They will allow one brewer per customer at participating restaurants. The Tim Hortons Tassimo variety pack that you will need to buy is $40.  I wanted to see just how great of a freebie the Tassimo Brewer really was and I found it being sold at a few different places.  The cost of the brewer was anywhere between $59 all the way up to $90 so this really is an incredible freebie to get.

A deal like this would make an excellent Fathers day gift for dad.  I was thinking about snapping up this deal for my husband for when we go camping.  He loves his coffee (and I don't) so a single serving coffee is perfect for camping in our trailer.  It will be a nice treat for him.

(Expiry: While supplies Last)

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  • Teacup
    Will we be able to buy this deal in their drive thru?
  • eb
    It says on the ad (small print) only available in restaurant.
  • CHarles
    Anyone reporting long lines yet?
  • Natalie
    I went to my nearest locations at 1:30pm and they had already sold out of the Tassimo's. How is this right it was supposed to start at 2pm. I am not happy about this.
    • tim
      They were handing out tickets to avoid congestion in the restaurant, so chances are they were out of tickets, not out of machines. There were only 30-45 machines in each store, and when I got there at 1:30 they had like 9 tickets left.
  • 1suprdad
    university and dundas location was called. line longer than # of machines
  • Pissed!!
    A bit of a rip off. The sale started officially at 2 but they started giving out tickets before that and I was 41st in line only because the person in front of me let her 'friends' come in the line.
  • Anna
    My local Tim's was sold out by 2:05...they gave out numbers apparently. But when, I don't know.
  • Sara
    Most stores in maple and woodbridge are sold out!
  • Lori A.
    Free, sure if you get there 2 hours before they are supposed to be sold. The ad said 2'oclock and when I got there (at 2) they were all sold out already. Seems like a scam to me! Very dissapointed in tim hortons. Head office just said "Sorry" and that was it. Boloney if youi ask me!!!!!
  • MT_Mad
    Some locations gave out tickets starting around 1PM. So the 2PM was false advertising. Plus you saw people leaving the store with 2 or 3 of them. So obviously the one per customer was only if you didn't know the staff members well enough. Of course the store was sold out in minutes after 2PM with these two factors.
  • Don
    Yup - likely all gone people, I was at one in Mississauga at 1pm for lunch and the line was forming so got in. They had 45 to give out. Store employee gave numbers out to those in line about 1:30pm. Gotta be quick with these deals or have time to kill !
  • tom h.
    I am very disappointed, with the deal with you and tassamo. after standing in line for 30 minutes, I was told that they run out of product, which I can understand. my problem is, the time I stood there, not once did anyone come by and count heads, and or products, until they were down to 2 machines. This was a total waste of my lunch break, and im doubtful that I will ever go back to tim hortons..... A unsatisfied customer Tom Hill
  • Anna W.
    @ Tom Hill - no idea why you're disappointed with us! We just told you about the offer!
  • Donna H.
    I was very disappointed to arrive at my local Tim's at 2pm to get my Tassimo deal, only to discover that they were sold out by 12:30pm. People were given tickets at 12:30pm and came back to get their Tassimo later. As a matter of fact, they had one left and wouldn't give it to me because someone with a ticket was coming back later. This seems like false advertising, as the ad said "promo starts at 2.00pm. I hope this doesn't happen in future promotions. Thank you.
  • Jason
    Well, here at moose jaw sask, I know the staff very well...and it is 1:40 here and I have been standing in line since 1. They are keeping true to their word...anyone who is mad about not getting one has no one to blame but themselves...I read the sign and it said right on it...only while supply lasts and only 43 machines....of course you should show up before 2 to wait in line for one...take some responsibility...this is a great deal and I am getting one because I did what it takes to get whicked deals like this
  • Dan
    lol @ everyone complaining about never going back to Tim's. Oh no, a limited time offer was sold out before you got there? But but but my free thing. Miiiiine. :( Ha ha ha.
  • Cathy C.
    Very Dissapointed, they started handing out at 1 or before not noon, and saw people with more than 1, I am a very loyal Tim Hortons customer but very disappointed in this offer.
  • RNC
    figures TH would do some shady trick like this. i was going for the machine anyway, wouldn't want to wreck the machine with subpar coffee ... their coffee is the worst out of the bunch ... even go to coffee time before i go to TH
  • Vickie
    YAYY So happy I got my Tassimo! I love you Tim Hortons :D hehe got it right at 2, employees waited right till 2, no numbers, just had to wait patiently!
  • Rick
    Such a great deal! Free is good! Tim Hortons needs to put on this promotion more often. Maybe get two and sell one to pay for the assorted variety pack.
  • Katherine
    The event at the Cobourg Tim Horton's on William street was very well run. I arrived at 1:30 to stand in line. Everyone in the line was friendly and polite. At 2PM a staff person came outside, handed everyone their number, and told them which register to line-up behind. I paid in one line and then picked up the tassimo at the next counter. It only took 15 minutes, I was number 13 in line. Thank you Timmies!
  • Joanne
    Great deal, just went for lunch and as soon as the line up started got in it they did give out numbers so that others coming in could get their coffee if they weren't there for the deal the staff was friendly and fair at 2 o'clock they started giving them out. Very pleased thanks again for letting us know, thanks timmies
  • Caffeine F.
    I arrived 1:30 then the timmies worker asked us to make a line. I was #6 in line, with a store that had 43 units. 1:45 pm they passed out tickets. Stragglers that arrived after tickets were passed out were told by Tim worker that all the units were spoken for. It was well organized and having to wait for 1/2 hour while I did email was painless. To the people here that are bitter they lost out, grow up. Do you act like this if Loblaws runs out of a special?
  • coffeeclutcher
    I didn't learn about the deal until 1:50 p.m....a friend shared a link on FB. I just happened to be on my lunch hour...so I zipped over to Tim Hortons to see if I could get a brewer. I honestly didn't expect to since I arrived "late". I was given a number as soon as I arrived, stood in line for maybe 15 minutes, paid my $40 and got a brewer. I thought it was very well run at my location. I live in a small city and I don't think many people knew about the promotion. I think that was the key. There were 43 brewers available and I was #31.
  • Terry t.
    Arrived exactly at 2:00pm People leaving with 2&3 units by themselves. At Britannia & Cantay Rd. Missisauga. I did not receive a number. Did not get a machine. Completely pissed off!!
  • Alexandra
    I got to my local Tim Hortons at 1:35pm, and they were already handing out numbers. I was number 13. Thank you Tim Hortons. Mine is blue :)
  • Anna W.
    Whoop! I am glad to see that quite a few moosers actually got the gift with purchase. I think 45 per store is very generous of Timmies!
  • Debbie
    I went at 2 and received a number I was Number 25. Had to go back to work, got to work and call to see if I could come back after work they said no problem would hold it for me. I got to the store after work and they had given it away, not very happy about this, I had to take my break to and get it
  • Melbell
    This was a fantastic deal and I felt that Tim Hortons in general did a fantastic job handling this promotion. Like any other promotion or opening day you need to arrive early. I arrived at 1pm and when the restaurant was getting full they handed out numbers and watched the door for new people to give them numbers but said we had to stay in the restaurant. No problem. They called up our numbers and we paid and left. Unfortunately not everyone will get this deal because there was limited supply. Try not to get so upset... There is always next time
  • Samsquanch
    All you complainers are a bunch of noobs. This deal is basically too good to be true, so how can you expect TH to have unlimited stock of the brewers? And how are you not expecting people to show up before 2pm? Do you decide to go to the cinema at the exact time the movie starts? No, you line up and get your ticket way before the showing. If you saw people walking out with more than 1 brewer, then that's the fault of the franchise location, not TH. Perhaps you should contact TH HQ about that. This was a great deal, and I knew you had to be savvy to get in on it. I'm glad I did. Winning!
  • therose
    You guys should know that when a deal like this comes in, do your research in time and be in your location choice before the start time. The early bird always catches the worm. I checked the brewer models first and called the branches closeby before I headed out.Got there t 1:50pm with ticket #21 and 2:01 pm was a happy customer holding my new Tassimo brewer, Hurray--- it was a great challenge not to mention I took the TTC to get it!

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