The Shopping Channel Canada: Shop & Earn!


Until the 10th January 2010, The Shopping Channel is running a promotion called "Shop & Earn."

The promotion involves signing up on the above page, then spending money! Depending on how much you spend, you will receive a savings card for future purchases. Here are the breakdowns:

  • Spend $200, get $20 savings card
  • Spend $350, get $35 savings card
  • Spend $500, get $50 savings card

So if you plan on spending some cash there anyway, then you might as well sign up for the promo and claim a little money back.

One thing to note is the daily showstopper deals from The Shopping Channel. Each day, they have a particularly good deal on one item, so it's maybe worth checking in on it every day.

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  • Laurie B.
    May I use it immediately ?

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