The Shopping Channel: Blossom Limited Edition Aubusson Wool Rug 50% Off


I know very little about rugs: but I do know that when something is offered at 50% off - it probably is a good deal! Check out the daily showstopper today (May 8th) at The Shopping Channel. It is a 4.9' x 7.6' Blossom Limited Edition Aubusson Wool Rug for $169.98 (originally $339.96). That is 50% Off. It is available in many colours so you can match your house.

You can also up the size to 7' 9" x 9' 6". It will cost you $299.98, originally $519.96. Not quite 50% off though.

Shipping and handling is around $25 for the first rug, and around $50 for the second. I think the first one is the best deal. A really nice looking medium sized rug for 50% off. :-)

This deal is only on the 8th, May 2011.

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