"The Most Amazing Daddy That Ever Lived" Free Printable Book!

25 May 2016
Free Printable Father's Day Book!

Father's Day is fast approaching. While I have already purchased the gifts I see suitable, I had not found the perfect sentimental gift yet. This adorable, printable book is available to you for absolutely free. Just head on over to TinyMe.com and print "The Most Amazing Daddy That Ever Lived" before time runs out.

This Father's Day printable book is a great freebie. If you have a printer available, click print and get started. You and your children can completely customize this printable to be a perfect gift for Daddy. I am sure many hearts will be melted. There are 12 pages, so make sure you have quite a bit of colour ink left, and a creative mind ready. Sit down with your kiddo and fill out information about Dad, such as:

  • My Daddy can lift a...
  • My Daddy's super power is...
  • The best thing about my Daddy is...
  • At work Daddy...
  • This is my Daddy (draw picture)
  • Daddy is not even afraid of...
  • Daddy is faster than a...

Your child may have some pretty hilarious endings to these statements. As you can see by the example at TinyMe.com, that child's dad was faster than a horse, although I am pretty sure they drew a picture of a unicorn. Apparently you Dads just drink coffee at work, and you can lift a blue whale. Last year my son was a tad young to really answer these questions. He is just 3 now, so I just asked him a few of the questions and got some funny answers. At work, "Daddy wears short shorts". My Daddy's super power is "squashing spiders"... oh yes! This one will be fun.

So if you are prepared to make Dad laugh, smile and perhaps even cry - then print out this 12 page free book for you and your child to illustrate and answer the questions. This is such an awesome homemade Fathers Day gift, and I can't believe it is completely free. There are even instructions on how to fold the book and put it together properly. There are even other free printables to explore at TinyMe.com. Some of the other free Fathers Day printable include:

  • Fathers Day coupon booklet
  • Tie lunch bag
  • Picture frame Fathers Day card
  • and more

What freebies did you snag for Father's Day?

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  • mint

    This is an awesome idea but I couldn't get the download to actually work. After "subscribing" the page just says "error". The original post is from 2014 so maybe it doesn't work anymore...

  • mint

    Nevermind! Ignore my last comment. The site did say "error" but I got an email with another link to the direct download.

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