The Imitation Game [Blu-Ray Combo] Now $17.24 @ (FS @ $25) (EXPIRED)


The Imitation Game was just released in theatres a few months ago so I am shocked to see such a good deal on the Blu-Ray combo pack so soon. Originally $37.99, The Imitation Game is on sale for $17.24 right now.

I price compared the price of this movie against other popular retailers. Best Buy Canada is selling The Imitation Game for $24.99 and Best Buy Canada is selling the same combo for $24.96. As Amazon is nearly $7 cheaper on such a new movie - I thought this would be a great chance to purchase it without waiting too long.

I also want to note that this edition includes the Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Copy. Just the DVD copy retails for $19.99 at Best Buy and Walmart so you are receiving this deluxe combo for less than the DVD copy alone.

I saw the ads for this movie and highly considered going, but I do not like watching wartime movies. Even my devotion to the notoriously good-looking Benedict Cumberbatch did not sway my decision. On IMDB, this movie rates 8.1/10 stars. Many of the reviews are like a mini essay, but I really like what this one reviewer closed with:

Go see it! Because otherwise you would be missing the chance to see a most remarkable film, performed to perfection. A film about a story that matters, about events that changed history and simply about a man without whom you might not even be able to read this review on your Turing machine.

In case you are not familiar with the plot - it is the 'based on true events' story of brilliant mathematician Alan Turing who cracked the 'unbreakable' German Enigma code during World War II. He made a very large dent in history - and really was a pivotal figure in the way the war turned out.

I also checked the movie out on Rotten Tomatoes where it has an 89% rating by critics and a 93% rating by audience members. This movie was very well received as you can see, and should be an excellent edition to your collection.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. I suggest buying Interstellar as well as it is also on for only $17.24 - a fantastic price when compared with other retailers.

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