The Complete MacGyver (39 discs) Was $154 | Now $46 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)


I nearly missed out on this wicked deal of the day from Amazon Canada - I am so glad I didn't! has discounted MacGyver: The Complete Series (39 disk set) from $153.99 down to $46.49. As the set is over the $25 minimum, you will also receive free shipping.

I am going to confess: I have never watched MacGyver before. I know his name like I know the name of Mad Max... but I have never actually seen him in all his glory. In many ways, MacGyver has nearly become synonymous with being resourceful and able to get yourself out of anything.

This box set is incredible. You will receive a full 39 discs, which includes all seven seasons, the two televised movies, and tons of bonus features.

I tried price comparing with the usual spots, but so few vendors actually carry this series. Walmart Canada has the complete MacGyver for $150.18 and $89.99 at The closest competitor to Amazon is Costco. At I found the set for $60.99. It is surprising how widly prices vary on this set but that is how it goes sometimes. I also found the set at a couple of places in the USA where they retailed for $80 or more. Even has the complete set for $82.49 USD. That is around $100 CDN after currency conversion and before shipping.

We have established that this set is a good deal, so now we just need to establish whether you will like the set or not. The call is easy if you have seen the show before. If not, ask yourself if you like to watch a man pull outrageous stunts to get out of impossible situations. Think of a cross between James Bond and Tim the Tool Man from Home Improvement. If the answer is yes, then purchase this set!

I also think this would make an excellent gift to anyone who is a fan. This huge box set is worth a lot of money. Just think, at 39 disks you are only paying $1.19 per disk. That is incredible value!

My first and only introduction to MacGyver was through that most educational of all TV series: The Simpsons. I cannot find the clip on YouTube (as they are really cracking down on that), but here is a fan tribute to the episode.

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