Telus Canada: Free Samsung 40" HDTV With 3 Year TV + Internet Bundle (Select Provinces)

28 April 2013

Telus Canada (not Telus Mobility) is offering a free Samsung 40" LED HDTV when you sign up for a three year Optic or Satellite TV and internet bundle.

This offer is only available for the provinces and territories that have Telus instead of Telus Mobility. For sure this includes Alberta and British Columbia. From what I could find, this also includes the northern territories like the Yukon, The Northwest Territories, and Nunavut because they go through the BC Telus.  It would just depend on whether optic or satellite TV was available in your area. My guess is for the territories it would have to be one of the bigger population centers.

So they want you to commit for three years to TV and internet - what are the most cost affective options?

The cheapest you can get the Optik TV + Internet bundle for is $79 a month. This includes Optik TV Essentials with 125 channels and Telus Internet 15 with 3.0 to 15.0 MBPS download speeds. The bundle also includes a free PVR rental and two free HD digital box rentals.

The cheapest you can get the Satellite TV + Internet bundle for is $77.90 a month. This includes Satellite TV Basic with 59 channels and Telus Internet 6 with 1.5 to 6 MBPS download speeds. This bundle also includes a free HD PVR and two HD receivers. My guess is that this will be the main option available for the territories and rural areas.

Both bundles include that free Saumsung 40" LED HDTV. So, if you are looking to get a new cable and internet plan... this is a pretty good deal.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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