Telus Canada: Student Deals & Free $50 Pre-Paid Visa

10 August 2014


Telus Canada is offering a free $50 pre-paid Visa card, free wi-fi and installation, and student internet starting at just $25 per month for a year.

I blogged about the Shaw deals for students on Thursday, so today I dug up what Telus is offering. Telus and Shaw dominate the Canadian internet market, thus their deals are the ones you will want to compare to get the best student deal on internet.

I assume that internet prices differ by province, as when I tested this deal out, there was no $25 per month plan. All plans for my area in BC started at $30. Here is what I found (prices subject to change depending on area):

Telus Internet 15

This package gives you 3 to 15Mbps download speeds and up to 1Mbps upload speed, with up to 150 GB monthly data. It costs $30 a month in BC, but I have no idea why this package is even offered as the next package up is the exact same price for more goodies. Is this a joke, Telus?

Telus Internet 25

As I mentioned above, this package is the same price as the useless package deal above: $30. The other package should not even be a consideration because Internet 25 is far superior. Receive 5 to 25Mbps download speeds, up to 2.5Mbps upload speed, with 250 GB of monthly data. This is essentially the same as the middle Shaw package except the $50 free Visa sweetens the pot substantially. The other major factor in Telus's favour: this agreement is for an entire year instead of eight months. You enjoy an extra four months of savings over Shaw's offer.

Telus Internet 50

Enjoy 20 to 50Mbps download speeds, up to 10Mbps upload speed, with 400 GB per month of data. This package trumps Shaw's Broadband 50 by being $10 cheaper at only $40 per month. It also wins because it is a twelve-month agreement and the package includes a free Telus Wi-Fi Plus range booster ($100 value). You are seriously scoring with either this or the Internet 25 deal.

I have watched Telus and Shaw battle it out on the student internet front for the last few years. If you are on a really tight budget, I still suggest the Shaw 10 bundle at only $20 a month. However, if you want more bang for your buck, then I think Telus is the clear winner with their Internet 25 and Internet 50 packages. That free $50 pre-paid Visa card does not hurt either.

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