Surprise Bargainmoose Contest: Win a Samsung Evergreen Mobile Phone Here! (Total Value $113)

*** Contest expired: winner is Mooser Lisa! ***

I was browsing Wagjag and spotted their new section of Festive Favourites, and noticed there are quite a few Christmas gift ideas in there. I spotted the deal on this Samsung Evergreen Mobile Phone which comes with a $20 Activation Credit from Koodo Prepaid (a $113 total value) and thought I would give one away as a prize to one of the Bargainmoosers!

How to enter:

Leave a comment below telling us about your Black Friday or Cyber Monday exploits. Did you buy anything interesting? Or nothing at all?

You've got until tomorrow to enter this Canadian contest!


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entrant per household
  • Rules subject to change at admin's discretion
  • Ends 28th November 2012

Please note: Due to the short term nature of this contest and the length of the deal availability on Wagjag, we reserve the right to replace the prize with one of equal or higher value if we cannot get in touch with the winner in time.


  • Dyrgas
    Thanks to bargainmouse got a Sony iPod dock with alarm for my son for Christmas from the source.
  • Jocelyn
    Tried to avoid most of the black friday shopping, but did hit up Walmart to get some Christmas gifts checked off the list for our kids. :)
  • CKB
    I had to work on Friday, but did a bunch of online shopping over the weekend to get my Christmas shopping started! The Source (thanks to Bargain Moose) because dh decided he wanted a Kobo mini after Chapters' sale was done, Chapters, Old Navy,, are all sending packages my way. I also downloaded a couple of books thanks to the Kobo sale posted here. :)
  • Fay. H.
    I was with my mom at Crystal Mall (the Asian mall near Metrotown) on Black Friday at 10am (Pretty early right?). But it was raining SO HARD that day that I didn't want to bus home, so I left with my mom without taking a single step towards Metrotown... I still regret it now because I heard there were some really good deals!
  • Michelle
    I went to two FABULOUS sample sales on Black Friday. One was a jewellery sale and they had those wrap around bracelets that have been selling online for $29.99. I paid a MERE $5.99!
  • dealhunter
    Took advantage of all the free shipping + deals online, and got some cheap shoes and nail polish!
  • Elonda
    Thanks to some of your postings got some great deals with the body shop and best buy!!
  • jennifer
    i didn't buy anything :( i have been in bed sick with flu
  • Emma W.
    I bought an oven from Sears on Black Friday, saved $600 and bought a bunch of deals at Bath and body works, plus saved 40% at Jacob on some sweaters. I was a happy shopper!
  • Benita
    Didn't get a chance to do any shopping this past weekend... :(
  • Jena
    Got nothing on Black Friday, but on Cyber Monday I was able to get some pretty Guess glasses at 40% off, free shipping, and free coatings (a value of $20) on If it wasn't for bargainmoose, I would have never been introduced to's great deals on eye wear. Very thankful!
  • Maegen
    Got some PJ pants at Old Navy and a collection of movies from
  • Crafty501
    I took advantage of the NO TAX day on Black Friday at Superstore in our province and purchase a Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker on sale for that day only for $85.00. There is a $10.00 rebate to send for, so end price will be $75.00 and no tax makes it an even sweeter deal. Did lots of browsing on Bargain Moose for Cyber Monday deals, but didn't buy anything.
  • Hope
    I took advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from Toys R Us, La Senza, Children's Place, Addidas, Sears, Best Buy, Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart and Dell. On Thursday I hadn't started my Christmas shopping; however, thanks to BargainMoose, I am almost finished.
  • Heather
    Shopped at chapters for cyber monday...great deals! Over the weekend I hit the mall and did a huge chunk of my Christmas shopping. Always good to be done by December 1
  • margaret
    No was tempted but do to tight budget WAS UNABLE TO TAKE ANY OF THE BARGAINS i did to the bargains beforehand for mattel
  • Jackie
    Did get some good deals thanks to BargainMoose!
  • Anola
    Where to start! Spent time on your suggested deals and websites! Got great deals on amazon, more than half way done with my XMas gifts without leaving home! Love bargainmoose!
  • Kristi R.
    I got a bunch of clothes from Bootlegger, and a pair of boots from Lands' End. Nothing really extravagant.
  • Deborah
    I used the Kobo discounts on Cyber Monday to get some new reading material for any down time during the holidays.
  • Pat
    Not many big things purchased, but mostly little stocking stuffers for the kids and hubby!!! Nice to get some good deals thanks to bargain moose.
  • Wayne T.
    I spent all day browsing the electronic store websites, drooling over all the big ticket items that I wanted.....and bought nothing :(
  • Sharon
    I took advantage of the Children's Place sales online for free shipping and an extra 30% off. Awesome.
  • heather b.
    I bought a tablet and a olympus tough camera!
  • Pat E.
    Spent the whole weekend and Monday trying to decide on a waterproof camera and ended up with nothing - Guess I'll wait for Boxing Day now. Oh ya, Kobo 80% Cyber Monday sale got 20 books at an average of $2.00 ea
  • Deb O.
    Thanks for all the great shopping tips!. I hit up some great online deals and took advantage of free shipping!
  • jocelyn
    I managed to pick up a mini Kobo. I've been looking for an eReader for awhile but had a hard time justifying the cost. This was perfect!
  • Catherine
    I got a tablet - samsung 7" for $200, not a super awesome deal, but it was already $50 off....well I needed it anyways!
  • Charlene
    Totally snagged a new iPad for a gift for my sweetie;) I can hardly wait to see his reaction when he unwraps it!
  • Laura
    I took full advantage of LUSH and body shop sales for gifts (and some for myself!) I also got a Cyber Monday sale on the Nikon excited!
  • Ana
    Was waiting to catch the sales... when the time came, it was all sold out!! every where on-line! Was waiting to buy Olivia's House by Lego Friends. Gone! ToysRus,, out-of-stock! Will have to fight the shopping frenzy in person!
  • Pat M.
    Stayed away from stores, however, we did some online shopping. The deals continue to get better so we are waiting for better prices closer to Christmas.
  • Mei L.
    I bought only kids stuff...everywhere was a zoo!
  • Kelly
    I bought a few clothing items are Guess and soaps at Bath and Body. Nothing too big!
  • Vivian
    Didn't get electronics but went shopping anyways and bought clothes! Some sweaters and tops =)
  • Shelli
    I had to go out of town, which took me away from my internet connection and all malls. But I did end up buying 2 Kobo Mini's before I left from Chapters!
  • Linda Q.
    I took advantage of the NO TAX day on Black Friday at Loblaws and used up some of the store coupons.
  • Mama G.
    I scored on 2 rapid chargers for my playbook. Reg $70 but paid $14.99 each at Staples online. I also bought a bunch of stuff from but it was just stuff in their sale section. Also, Dec 12 a bunch of sites have free shipping More shopping!!!
  • gooniesguy
    I picked up some movies on black Friday. Missed out on a toolbox that I had in my cart and thought about just a little too long about. I stayed out of the store and shopped online though :). Here's hoping I can add that phone to my Christmas gifts ;)
  • MichDM
    My best deal this year was on Cyber Monday. La Senza was offering "Buy 1 bra, get 1 50% off" and then 50% off your whole order over $100...and free shipping too!!
  • ginette4
    I didn't go shopping or shop online, missed alot of deals :(
  • Kelly J.
    Waited outside Walmart in Calais for an hour and a half before it opened. I did get some good deals....Skylanders for the PS3 and XBOX for $39 each...Blueray player for $38 (got 2). I got a really good deal on a Sony IPOD docking station, regular $119.00 in Canada and I got it for $48 US. I left feeling pretty good!!!
  • jamesc
    Took advantage of bestbuy black Friday and bought a new subwoofer. Yea!
  • Lenny Z.
    I got my son a train table for Christmas, orig $200 for $80!!! Single mom can't beat that!!!
  • mike d.
    i tried to do some black friday/weekend shopping. nothing too crazy but i have been looking at getting a new camera and a tablet for a trip we're taking soon. priced things out, thought i found ssome good deals went to the stores to physically see them, came back home again. browsed the websites again. put them in my cart. and in the end, didn't buy anything. just couldn't be sure i was getting the best deal and didn't want to rush into it. but thanks for the contest
  • Jonnie
    I did a bit of online shopping at Amazon and Future Shop but found lots of things out of stock
  • lilpeej
    I stayed away from the shops (past experience) but I did some online shopping on Monday, and bought nothing!
  • Jason
    Did not buy anything cause I had no time last weekend, though I'm wishing I did now though!
  • Huguette E.
    Took advantage of an online deal from American Eagle (clothes for my son) and locally at Eclipse (took my daughter birthday shopping).
  • katama381
    Bought myself a ring (told my hubby it's his Christmas present to me) online from Peoples Jewellers. It was a deal I saw on this website. Thanks, Bargainmoose!
  • linda
    No buying but a lot of virtual shopping was great fun.
  • Mireille M.
    I tried really hard NOT to buy anything but broke down and purchased 3 "Mystery Grab Bag" t-shirts from TeeFury at 6$ each. Such an amazing price! I couldn't resist! I hope at least one of them is a Dr Who-themed shirt!
  • Sandra
    I spent all Friday morning shopping and taking advantage of various Black Friday sales, cripe even the grocery stores had them, Sobey's back bacon for half price and 5 pound bag of potatoes for 99 cents stand out in my mind, but my big purchase was cyber Monday when I ordered a laptop from Future shop.
  • Jennifer L.
    I didn't do any shopping this year. There are so many deals now - it overwhelms me.
  • Denise L.
    I saw you listed the roots sale here. I am travelling here and wanted the "fanny pouch"- so i went online and checked the price. Flat bags, as they are called were 30% off and not the 25% as advertised. Even so, I decided to call the Roots Factory store on Orfus, and they tell me that the same bag I wanted is $98 and no sale. I went right back to the site, ended up paying $60, and got free delivery. So thanks Bargainmoose for the idea!
  • Linda
    Hello: Yes, we purchased a Sony Coolpix camera and a tablet and saved a considerable amount of money.
  • Debbie B.
    I browsed but did not buy anything on Friday or Monday
  • cappellis
    I decided to not actually buy anything, but I did browse a variety of deals online.
  • Lisa S.
    I shop on-line all year round but surprisingly did not find time to shop online on Cyber Monday, I was too busy working to pay off the bills from buying some new, much needed Winter wear on Black Friday...
  • Mishelle
    I did a lot of shopping on the Think Geek site - my children are geeky like me so it was easy! Mishelle
  • Alcide D.
    I also browsed a lot, had found something I wanted (mocassins at Sears) but when it came time to pay, none were left with my size. I also could not make up my mind for a cruise.
  • Nada
    This year we saved by not spending at all :)
  • Lyne M.
    I did not go out to buy on Black Friday - just tried to catch up with my grading - I am a college professor, and 'tis the time for term papers!
  • Deb
    Stood in line to exchange a gift shirt - the cashier couldn't believe I did that - but that was the only time I could do it.
  • pickles01
    I did not go out on black Friday. I love Bargain moose! Thanks for the chance to win!
  • ada
    I went online and bought my mom some wireless headphones. I was already going to buy them and then the price dropped, so it was a no brainer.
  • Leanne
    I bought on both days - but went early on Friday! Good idea!
  • Pam
    On Black Friday I bought a lot of the fleece sweaters and pants that were on sale at Children's Place for $4.99 plus I had a 20% off coupon and a bonus airmiles coupon. I also picked up 10 handsoaps from Bath and Body Works for $20. I had a $10 off $30 purchase from there.
  • Kelly S.
    I completed all of my Christmas shopping on black Friday... so it wasn't black at all ! It was green ! And now i can enjoy the rest of the Christmas season, stress free ! I could however use a new phone.... i am using my original flip phone, about 10 years old.... i can't seem to make up my mind about which phone to upgrade to, but you could make that decision for me !
  • Gina
    We bought an IPAD mini for our daughter for Christmas and some winter clothes online from Old Navy. Now Mommy needs a treat! Good luck to everyone!
  • Rebecca H.
    I did some damage to my credit card on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Most of the deals I got were for beauty products, but I got some great deals! Some places were offering free shipping to Canada, so it was a great opportunity to try new products without having to shell out a $15-$20 shipping fee.
  • Andrea M.
    I agree with someone else's comment - there were too many deals, commercials, flyers, etc. that I was overwhelmed! But I can see how an organised person could stand to save a lot of money if they were not sidetracked by items not on the list. I didn't buy anything, though I now regret not jumping on a car seat that was a hot buy at Costco....we need another. Happy holidays everyone!
  • Gary T.
    I did a A LOT of browsing but ended up keeping the wallet closed!
  • Cyndi
    Nope, it was tempting but didn't spend a penny
  • Deanne S.
    I actually resisted the urge to buy as I can't decide what to get the kids this year!
  • Jenny
    Gave up once I got to the Rainbow bridge and turned around!
  • Cheryl M.
    I always check in stores for unadvertised specials when shopping, many stores do this. While I was in shoppers drug mart I noticed some pretty beach bags by Quo ( their cosmetic line) regularly $15.00 marked down to $1.99, I bought all three. Even though they're out of season the beach bag can be a general purpose bag.
  • Rakesh
    Well there was some great deals it's all most feel like boxing day sell. I did spend for Christmas gift, it really saved me money.
  • Ang
    Alas; I did succumb. I picked up an ipad 2 for the inlaws and 7" tablet for my Dad; also a couple ipod dock clock radios for 2 of my kids. Ho, Ho, Ho!
  • Lynne H.
    I did do a bit of shopping,...bought a bunch of body butters, etc from The Body Shop and got some dvd's from!!
  • Sparkle
    I stayed far away from the maddening crowd, didn't even shop online. I hate crowds and lineups, a person could spend their time doing something they loved instead of that. I don't need anything that badly!
  • Patty
    I was ablle to take advantage of the great online prices and purchase many of y Xmas gifts..
  • Michelle E.
    Stocked up on some great deals for the kids from Old Navy and the Childrens Place. Thanks for keeping us posted!
  • Elisha
    I managed to avoid all of the Black Friday sales and came out with my wallet intact, thankfully!
  • Gina
    I bought 2 of the sleep sets on sale at Sears, reg $1200.00 for $299.00 and a kuerig coffee maker also fom Sears, $99.00 I saved $60.00
  • Linda
    I bought some golf related items.
  • Brenda
    I went crazy at the Toy's r Us with the 1/2 off toys and baby supplies!
  • Sarah
    The only thing I bought was $400 in calendars from Vistaprint -- at $5 each, that is the cheapest I've ever seen them anywhere, and their quality is great. They feature my photography and I will be re-selling them, so hopefully I make all my money back! Koodo and Telus are the only types of cell phones that work at my acreage, so I wouldn't mind having another around!
  • Trisha
    I went to ToysRUs and got some Christmas pressies for the kids.
  • Amy
    Did some shopping at and had it shipped to my Dad's in Florida, since we are going there for a week in December. $5 wii games, $5 jeans and pajamas.....
  • leah
    All the deals overwhelmed me too but i did buy a tracksuit for around the house for $10! haha
  • Anna
    There were so many deals, but I did not buy anything. I'm always on the look-out for a great deal, and I'm sure I'll find exactly what I'm looking for.
  • Jenny
    I bought a year subscription to XBox Live from BestBuy
  • Annie
    didn't spend - saving my $ for boxing day
  • Ruby
    I bought some clothes for my kids
  • Lisa A.
    Did lots of online browsing (with lots of help/deals from Bargainmoose!). Snagged boots for my daughter and a camera for a friend. :)
  • Keri
    I purchased some boardgames for my boys @ and saved 50%
  • Michelle C.
    Hello, Bargainmoose; great giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win a great prize. I partook in the Cyber Monday deals at walmart. Buying 2 sets of Pyrex containers so I can get rid of my plastic ones and 2 DVD movies and a pkg. of 4 brita filters at a great price. Bargainmoose thank you so much for your daily e-mails that always provide me with at least one deal that I have not heard about from my many other Canadian bloggin e-mail subscriptions; quite the feat. I apprecaite the information, helpful tips and contest that you have. Thank you for your hardwork.
  • Wendy
    I bought some new winter boots.
  • Linda P.
    hit the McAllister Place mall here in Saint John, but the deals were not great just picked up a few stocking stuffers and had lunch and watched the crowds pass by. Thanks for the contest
  • Pip
    I bought a Lego kit for my nephew. If I wasn't unemployed, I would have taken advantage of a lot more deals than that! :)
    I checked out a few online sites but I started to feel a little overwhelmed after awhile...It was hard to tell what was really a "deal"! The credit cards stayed in my wallet!
  • crys
    Wish i could have afforded the deals..... Finances suck. Nice phone and good luck to everyone. Merry christmas.
  • MJ M.
    Far too busy at work to think about shopping or deals. Wish that it would slow down soon.

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