$100 Mystery Bag for $10!

Sale4TheDay's mascot, Savin' Maven, has packed a bunch of stuff into a crate and is ready to send it to you at a super discount!

Savin' Maven, good friend of the Bargain Moose, goes a little nuts from time to time. This is one of those times. See, he's been rummaging through his dam-warehouse and has found a bunch of stuff. He was going to throw it out because he just didn't want it anymore. I mean, what is a beaver going to do with a watch or a blender, right? But instead he decided that he would give it away. Again, he thought better of that plan and decided to sell it to you for next to nothing! Why would he sell it instead of giving it away? Simple, he has to make a living and feed his wife and kids. If he starts giving products away he's going to get fired again. Then he'll start drinking and it's all downhill from there.

In all seriousness the Sale4TheDay people are giving away packs that promise to have at least three items worth at least $100 total and they are selling them for only $9.99 plus $4.99 for shipping. I have no idea what is in the packages. It could be $100 worth of packing peanuts for all I know. On the other hand you could get some cool video games or a few new appliances. I guess that's the whole appeal of an offer like this. It's the "Do you won't what's behind door number one, two or three!" paradigm.

If you get one of these make sure you come back and tell us what you got in the comments below!

(Expires: 26th October 2012, 10:00PM ET)


  • Selmada
    I had to try this. Maybe I'll find lots of stocking stuffers, maybe my carless home will have donate a bunch of car related items to a charity thrift store. But I was intrigued enough to take a risk (just under 17 with tax)
    • scseward
      Same here. Just had to try it. Hopefully there is something worthwhile.
  • Sonya
    I just received my package. What a joke. I got 4 items, worth no more than $10, and all of them I found at my local dollar store. This claim was completely fraudulent and I emailed the company to let them know. If they do not do anything I will put in a formal complaint. I hate companies who think they can get away with this type of fraud. Such a big mistake buying anything from this company. They had a guaranteoo fo $100 worth of items. Buyer BEWARE!
    • Laura
      I agree, Not what was stated. Very Disappointed.
  • Katelyn
    Just got my package and it had a matching pearl ring, bracelet and necklace set, a USB light and a pair of pink headphones. I'm not crazy about the USB light though but the rest of the things I got can definitely put to good use :-) I guess they're all different.
  • Bargain S.
    I just got mine. received an LG charger with multiple connections (which as long as it works, i can use this item), pink headphones, an android touch screen phone cover (not sure what to do with this) and a bead bracelet and ring (junk). I can't complain - it was a fun surprise.
  • Collin
    Got mine, sorry to say it was just junk, should have kept my money. You get better deals on EBAY. Plastic necklace from China, phone cover, LED usb light, all from China.
  • scseward
    Well, I am suddenly not looking forward to getting my Mystery BAG. :l
  • imma
    Just recieved mine. Totally NOT worth it. Five $1-$2 items- a USB fan- dollarama like, 2 syringe epoxy glue-$2 dollarama item; pocket shaver-$1 item, a tiny elastized pearl bracelet-$1 and a "joke machine" that I assume, if you waste another $1 on batteries, will tell you a joke. Joke is on me...$10 plus shipping and tax....$16.78 for $5 of crap I wouldn't have bought. BargainMoose- I suggest that you do not hype this sort of deal again.
  • Adam
    Mine was great. Got a screen protector for a Samsung phone (sold 15$), a Blackberry Curve case (sold 5$), an electric potatoe/vegi peeler (works great), a sturdy pair of earbuds, a Bluetooth headset (works great), some Jewlre which was cheap, but good, and a hair straightener for the wife. That was from 3 bags. Worked out for me!
  • guna1
    I just got mine today too- definately not worth $100.00 Got a Droid X case by Motorola which had been discontinued, the bead ring and bracelet, a 2 pack of night lights, and a Coco phone which is a retro handset that you can use with your computer, tablet or mobile device. I new it sounded too good to be true!
  • Kristy
    Got mine today. Must say it was a big disappointment and definitely NOT worth $100. Received a pocket shaver, beaded ring, USB fan, electronic joke machine and a blackberry case. Was feeling lucky when I decided to risk my $17, and told myself that I could potentially be throwing my money away, so not to be upset if it was a bust. Turns out, I'm not lucky. If anyone is interested in buying the listed items, make an offer, you too can get a bunch of worthless crap in the mail!!
  • Ron
    absolute junk usb fan $2.17 portable audio speakers $8 htc evo cell phone case - $3 some bead crap $1 so maybe $14 worth of crap
  • Brenda
    Waste of money! :'( All the stuff I got musta came from the dollar store, a plastic pocket shaver, a discontinued cell phone case, a SUB laptop light, and portable alot of dust!! Made a mess when I opened my package. I would not recomend this to anyone. I don't think the products were even worth $10...Junk.
  • Jessica G.
    Got mine and it had some matching pearl jewelry and a Griffin phone case which i was going to buy online on another site before but it was selling for over $30 at the time. Also got a USB charger for my phone which I found online for about $25. I contacted them and asked if this was worth $100 and they told me that the value is calculated by the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price not the sale prices you find online. I guess it makes sense because the genuine pearl jewelry that I got was worth at least $75 plus including the rest of the stuff I got it came out to be a bit more than $100 worth. Although I would have liked to see more jewelry and less cell phone stuff! :-)
  • Nadia R.
    Got a remote control helicopter, (the box was a bit torn on top but it worked fine) also got a small Sharp alarm clock, a USB fan, some silver and pearl jewelry, a phone case and an 8GB SD memory Card. Not a big fan of the phone case or USB fan. The jewelry they gave me was not exactly my style but I'm sure I can pawn it off to a friend for their birthday. The memory card works great in my digital camera and my son Loved the remote control Helicopter! Overall I got some good products some good, some not so good. It was for sure a deal for what I paid though, I saw the helicopter selling for $79 on another site so between that and the rest I'm sure it was worth over $100.

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