Quick Cardswap.ca Contest on Bargainmoose: Win Your Share In $100 Gift Cards!

*** Expired - Winners announced soon ***

I'm running a quick contest for 2 days here on Bargainmoose. Cardswap.ca has offered to give out $100 worth of gift vouchers, offering 4 lucky moosers their choice of a $25 gift card each. They're celebrating their Customer Appreciation party which is starting today. If you want extra chances to win Canadian more gift cards, then nip over to their Facebook page today and try your luck. Here's what they say about their party:

This party is a Customer Appreciation Party on our Facebook page, where we basically just give away gift cards.  Participants can participate in games, tell jokes, finish lyrics and just have a lot of FUN to win. This time, we have included exclusive deals on the site. There will also be surprise give-aways that will happen throughout the day.

So in addition to that customer appreciation party, they've given Bargainmoose $100 worth of gift cards of your choice.

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below stating which gift voucher you'd choose (list here)


  • Ends 18th November 2011
  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of contest entry per person
  • Admin’s decision final in all cases, and contest is subject to change

We'll choose 4 random winners from the comments below, and arrange the gift card of your choice!


  • freeshopper
    I would choose a Sears GC. Thanks for the contest!
  • Pat
    I'd love a Winner's gift card!!!
  • Heather
    Winners Gift Card Please!! :)
  • Crystal W.
    I'd love a Winners card also! thank you!
  • Shu-Wen
    I'd definitely pick the Ticketmaster gift card. :)
  • dawn
    I wouldd love the Winners Gift Card!
  • Rhonda
    I'd pick Chapters - my kids and I love shopping there in store and online!
  • Bianca B.
    So many great choices! I'll go with Winners / Homesense :)
  • Nicole D.
    I'd go with GolfTown so my hubby could get himself a little something. He works too hard and deserves a treat.
  • pamr.
    I would love a Chapters/Indigo gift card!
  • Debbie W.
    I'd love a Chapters/Indigo gift card! Thanks!
  • Emmy
    A Walmart card would come in handy for sure!
  • TJ
    I would choose a Walmart card too :)
  • Maya
    I'd like an HBC/Zellers gift card!
  • Lauren
    A walmart card would be fantastic!
  • Callista
    Home Depot!! :)
  • UncleStuart
    Future shop - get an eReader!
  • Andrea
    The gift of reading - Chapters!
  • Gail S.
    Pottery Barn would be great!
  • Pearl
    A SEARS gift card would be awesome!! ^o^ *Wishes me and everyone else luck!*
  • katrina
    tough decision, but i'd pick the sephora gift card
  • Cher
    so much to choose from! i would pick a Sephora card - a little self spoiling..!
  • Guin
    I choose a Chapters gift card to fill my new year with joy and knowledge! Thank you.
  • Andrea
    I'd love a Winners/Home Sense gift card.
  • jen
    Pottery Barn! My happy place!
  • Stefanie
    A Chapter's gift card is my first choice! Thanks!
  • Laura
    I would love a Chapters/Indigo gift card!! What a great contest!
  • Jen F.
    I would chose the Jack Aster's gift card; then I could have dinner out! :)
  • Jen
    Apple store giftcard would be fabulous!!! Thanks ;)
  • kingy
  • cindy
    I would love the home depot gift card.
  • Erica
    Starbucks please! :)
  • Are
    Safeway gift card
  • Stephanie
    Winners, Safeway or Chapters/Indigo for me!
  • Jessica
    I would have to go with the i-tunes gift card! Maybe childrens place too...
  • Kathryn
    Cadillac Fairview Gift Cards!
  • Nicole
    Pier 1 Imports Gift Card for me please!
  • Angela
    Books books books! Would love a Chapters/Indigo card! Thx!
  • Caitlyn
    Sears please! Would love to get the kids some new clothes
  • jtcassie
    My son got his drivers license yesterday and I would love to give him the Esso gift card to celebraate!! Thanks!
  • Natalie C.
    Would love a Winners card please!
  • Steve Z.
    I would choose Walmart.
  • Kelly M.
    So hard to have a preference with this many great offers. My choice is CHAPTERS INDIGO since I hope to treat myself to the new Kobo Vox Colour soon. Thanks!
  • Cecilia
    I would love the Winners gift card. My kids always needs new clothes. Thx
  • Pat
    I'd love a HBC/Zellers card
  • Erin
    La Vie En Rose...I need a new bathing suit for a trip south :)
  • Ruth
    I'd choose a Cineplex/Famous Players card - love going to movies!
  • Kathryn
  • Anna
    I would like the Sears Gift Card.
  • Donnas
    I'd choose either a Tim Hortons gift card or La Senza.
  • Kelly
    I would get the Walmart Gift Card. Thanks so much =)!
  • Susan
    I'd probably pick the Chapters card. Never can have too many books!
  • Shel
    I'd probably go with Chapters if it's a physical gc, otherwise Winners. Thanks for the giveaway.
  • Cheryl R.
    I would choose a Cineplex card & treat my husband to a movie night.
  • Chris C.
    I'd definitely have to go with ESSO gift card. One can always make use of Gas to run their vehicles Thanks
  • Xing
    Sears GC would be nice!
  • Kim
    Walmart would make a good gift card for everyday essentials Thanks!
  • Lynne
    I'd choose a Sears card,...thanks for the opportunity :)
  • katama381
    I am torn between Tim Horton's and Sephora's gift card. Perfect stocking stuffer for one of my daughters. Older one is a "poor starving university student" and would love the Timmy's card and my younger one LOVE Sephora's products. Thanks for holding this contest--a great way to start the holiday season. Wish you and fellow Bargainmooser a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy 2012!
  • Jenny
    Chapters/Indigo cards - always could use new activity books for my students!
  • Karen
    I would pick a Home Depot card...to use on the awesome 50% off lighting sale!
  • Ling
    Esso gift card would be awesome!
  • Amanda
    I would choose the Chapters giftcard to help pay for some Christmas presents! Thanks =)
  • MikeD
    I would choose the Sears gift card, thanks!
  • gsyfong
    A Swiss Chalet gift card would be nice. Thanks!
  • Melissa
    Hmmmm...tough choice, but I think Walmart for a bigger bang for your buck! Thanks for putting on the contest! :)
  • joy
    Winners, Childrens Place, Earls. Any of those would be awesome.
  • Lori
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Winners gift card!!!
  • heyimauser
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Winners gift card!
  • Tracy
    I think I'd go with the StillWater Spa one and treat myself to a nice relaxing day there. ^_^
  • Jen
    Would have to be Winners/Homesense! Could spend hours browsing, plus I have a new home with a lot of rooms to fill!! :)
  • Natalie
    Chapters for sure! An ecode would be great. Thanks for the contest!!!
  • NT
    I would pick a Winners gift card. I can always find something to buy from Winners!
  • ST
    I would pick the Chapters gift card!
  • Jenny
    I would choose the Sephora giftcard! Thank you!
  • Joanna
    I would choose the H&M giftcard! Thanks! :D
  • Nicolas
  • James
    I would be happy with any gift card. Thank you so much!
  • Amber
    I'd choose winners!
  • Braden
    I'd like a Starbucks gift card if I won. Thanks!
  • Trun
    Oh wow, I'd totally go for Swiss Chalet or Best Buy. I've used Cardswap before and was really pleased with how it worked -- saw them on Dragon's Den, hah!
  • CraftyCat
    I would pick the Chapters gift card. Thanks for the chance to win! :)
  • Karla S.
    I think I would choose walmart! Would defaintely come in handy for christmas! Thanks! ksceviour at hotmail dot com
  • Danielle
    I would pick the Jean Machine gift card :)
  • Jennifer L.
    I would love the Chapters/Indigo Gift Card.
  • natalie
    pier one for sure !
  • Sherry
    I would love either a Walmart, LCBO, Toys r Us or iTunes gift card. So many good ones to choose from. :)
  • Roberta
    Oh my... just one! I would love the chapters g,c for my Kobo. But winners or Boston Pizza would be great as well.
  • Paula
    Chapters for sure : )
  • Kathryn
  • Andrea
    I would get the Esso GC, so I would have more juice to get to all the amazing sales and deals posted on BargainMoose!
  • Kan
    An Esso GC is always useful!
  • janicour
    Would love a Winners GC. Lots to choose from.
  • Kaila B.
    I think I would go with a HBC Gift Card.
  • julie
    This is tough, there are so many great gift card choices on cardswap---I'd have to go for the Esso gift card because gas is out of control. Thanks Bargainmoose---awesome contest!! :)
  • Brenda R.
    I would pik a Pet Smart or an Esso gift Card.
  • Karen R.
    I would use the Boston Pizza gift card! Thanks!!
  • Holly
    I would go with walmart to help buy groceries and a new bed for my kitten!!
  • Nadia
    I would pick Sephora, please and thanks!
  • Tori
    I'd pick the Red Lobster giftcard! Gotta love those Cheddar Bay Buns! :)
  • Stacey D.
    oh hard choice but with xmas coming i think i would go with walmart, but the tim hortons sure is tempting staceyx at telus dot net
  • Ann C.
    So many choices but with Christmas around the corner, a Walmart gift card would be my choice.
  • Nicole
    I would choose the Best Buy gift card as there are lots of techie gadgets on my Holiday shopping list. Thanks!
  • Pauline
    A Walmart gift card would be wonderful.
  • wendigirl
    oh my to be practical or not...lol wal mart it is...:) thanks for the contest:)
  • Emilia
    I would pick a futureshop card
  • Carrie
    Ohhh, so hard to choose. I think I'd get the Best Buy one. I'm trying to buy a new camera so that would help
  • kim
    I'd love to get my hands on an HBC gift card. It'll help pay for some of the remaining items that I didn't get on my wedding registry.
  • Yvonne
    Walmart pls & thx
  • Christy
    I can never get enough of the Boston Pizza cards, have bought a few off this site!
  • Lisa P.
    Definitely the Chapters/Indigo gift card - we are book lovers here! :)
  • Kang
    I would love an Esso GC!
  • aussie m.
    Chapters.indigo for me!
  • claudia m.
    I would get one for the keg!
  • Liz
    I'd choose the LCBO gift card - what better way to start the holidays with a bottle of wine?!
  • Amy
    Wal-Mart would be great for all the holiday necessities! Thanks for the contest!
  • Andrea W.
    Walmart, Starbucks or Best Buy! Whatever is available. ;)
  • Anna
    Walmart! Otherwise, Second Cup or Starbucks would be great :)
  • Jennipher
    would LOVE a chapters gift card, no need to feel guilty then for enjoying the simple pleasures in life...READING!!!! thanks have a fantastic day!!!
  • Sarah
    I just bought my first house, so I'm going to go with Rona!
  • vanessac
    I'm all about the La Senza!!
  • Tania
  • Leanne
    Either Joeys or Lulu lemon!
  • Leanne
  • cindy
    Walmart or Petsmart! Thanks.
  • J. K.
    Itunes hubby has become a junkie lol
  • Gary T.
    My son loves to read so I'd take a Chapters / Indigo gift card
  • Cyndi
    Starbucks to keep me warm as winter just arrived in BC!
  • Gary
    My son loves to read books about sharks so I'd go with Chapters / Indigo
  • joy
    Did anyone win?

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