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Chances are someone in your family received a phone or tablet for Christmas, right? If that is the case, then you are probably on the hunt for a quality case to protect your precious new device. Luckily enough, has a variety of OtterBox cases on sale for as low as $20, with a maximum discount of 72% off the regular price. You won't find an OtterBox for a better price anywhere else. Spend $25 to get free shipping.

love the OtterBox phone cases. My phone has been dropped, stepped on, and so much more - yet it still lives on to tell the tale. If I drop my phone, I never worry that the screen is cracked. You know, that moment when you are scared to pick up your phone to see if the screen cracked when you dropped it or not? You won't get that feeling anymore. Amazon Canada has OtterBox cases on sale for every device you can imagine, so snag yours quick before the prices change.

iPhone 5

iPhone 6



There are cases for more types of phones and tablets as well, so be sure to have a thorough browse through the available products if I didn't list anything that floats your boat. The prices are very reasonable, and I know I definitely needed a new case for my new iPhone 6. Do you?

Most of these cases are shipped and sold by Amazon Canada, so when you spend $25  you will get free shipping. Beware of knock-off brands though. Under the title for the phone case, you should see "by OtterBox". If you see any other merchant name, then it may not be an actual OtterBox case.

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