Pricematters Canada: Minimum 60% Off Swarovski Pendants

Pricematters Canada is offering at least 60% off retail price on all their Swarovski Pendants. If you love shiny little bobbles hanging from your neck, or are looking for a gift for someone who does: this is a pretty great sale!

As I said, they have a minimum of 60% off. Some are above that, like this Swarovski Mix Long Pendant for $65.99, retail $164.99. There are only 3 left of the pendant I just mentioned, so there are limited quantities.

The Swarovski Nation Pendant is an affordable $49.99, retail $124.99, and if you are on a tighter budget try the Swarovski Rhodium Pave Circle Pendant for $29.19, retail $72.99.

You can't go wrong at those prices. Shipping is very reasonable, the pendant I checked out only cost $5 to ship.

Expiry: When they sell out.

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