Pizza Pizza Ontario Movie Mania (ON Only)

Pizza Pizza Ontario Movie Mania

Great deal for Pizza + Movie lovers. Get Pizza Pizza Movie Mania for only $18.99, order for delivery or pick up.

Unfortunately, this deal is only available in Ontario.

Pizza Pizza movie mania is offering 2 medium pizzas, 2 toppings on each pizza, 4 cans of pop, AND a 2 for 1 movie pass, all for $18.99. You can also upgrade to a large pizza for only $5 more. There are a few worth watching movies that recently came out that you could use the 2 for 1 pass to watch, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Valentine’s Day, and The Wolfman. Out of these February release, I think I’d pick Percy Jackson, how about you?


  • Anna
    I'm really behind the times. I'd never heard of any of those movies that are coming out in February!!
  • Kelly
    Hi, I was wondering if this special is going to come up again? I missed the deal in February. -Kelly

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