Photobook Canada Coupon Code: Free Photo Book ($5 Shipping)


Photobook Canada is offering a free 6x6" photo book to anyone who wants to print out some of their holiday, or other, memories. You will just need to pay the shipping charge, which is $4.99.

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  • Coupon Code: YIRCA
  • Discount: free photo book
  • Expiry: 15th January 2015

With this coupon, you will receive a free 6" x 6" Mini Square Softcover Photobook. You can use the coupon code multiple times but each photobook would have to be in separate orders. Thus, you would have to pay a separate shipping charge for each book. That is still not a bad deal if you want to send little memory tokens out to the family or friends.

This same coupon code will give you discounts on larger books. That means you can get the free book and any of these deals as well. Here is the tier:

  • 8x8" - $19.99 (was $54.99)
  • 8x11" - $24.99 (was $59.99)
  • 11x8.5" - $27.99 (was $69.99)
  • 15x11" - $39.99 (was $104.99)

If your budget is like mine - near negative numbers - then you will probably want to use it on the 6x6" book and just pay for shipping. I have wanted to make one of these for a friend of mine for a while. Living far away from dear friends can be hard so sending little gifts like this is a way to stay connected over the distance. Just think; a $5 gift could put a smile on your friend's face for ages. I have a couple friends I would love to surprise. I already have the mailing address for one so I would just need to bribe my other friend for his mailing address. I do not know why, but in the digital age, people always get suspicious the second you ask for a physical address.

I have tried out a few other photo book companies, and I keep coming back to Photobook Canada. I have found their quality exceptional and they have very good customer service. While it used to take a while for the books to be made and ship, I have found that my last few books have arrived rather fast.

For this and any future Photobook Canada coupon codes, please visit our forum.


  • Laura
    This is a great deal, I'm so excited about it! I want to send my friend a little book in Australia, do you know if they ship internationally? I can't find the info for that. thanks!
    • Anna W.
      They should do, they are a worldwide site. Just check their countries on their help pages :)

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