Photobook Canada: 16" x 16" Canvas Print only $20 + Shipping (EXPIRED)


Today only, Photobook Canada has a couple amazing deals on photo printed products. I picked out this 16" x 16" canvas print with a value of $89, on sale for $20. You purchase this canvas print in voucher form so you have several months to redeem it. The voucher includes tax but excludes shipping.

It has been quite a while since I have seen this size - or any size like it - canvas print for just $20 before shipping. The last recorded deal like this was back in December when Picaboo (US) had a 15 x 10 canvas on sale for $20 + shipping. All of Picaboo's prices are in USD, thus this offer from Photobook Canada is better. We have seen a few other canvas deals since... like a 16" x 20" print for $27.50 at Canvas Pop, but that is not custom. When Snapfish was offering 60% off canvas prints, they still cost $31.60 for the 11x14" and $39.60 for the 16 x 20".

Your voucher is for a single-image canvas print that measures 16" x 16". Choose from two different materials: standard or sand textured. I have never seen one of the sand textured canvas prints: that must be something new.

You have from now until the 13th of September to use your voucher. That gives you plenty of time to pick out the image you want and alter it how you wish. You may wish to correct red eye, place a filter over the image, crop out some of the background, or re-center the image via cropping. Do all of this before submitting your image to Photobook Canada.

Shipping is the only downside of this deal, but shipping costs money. Previous canvas print deals have all required shipping costs as well. A 16" x 16" canvas will cost about $15.99 for shipping.

There is another deal I wanted to mention. Today only, purchase a Small Square Imagewrap Hardcover for just $10 plus shipping. The book comes with an extra 10 pages for you to design. In total, you get 52 pages of content, which is great for this size of book. I always think that the thicker the books are, the better they look. In addition, the paper is premium silk for an ultra-luxurious feel.

These two deals are available today only. This is part of Photobook Canada's 10 year celebration. They are offering unique deals on the 10th of each month.

(Expiry: 10th June 2015)


  • Kate
    Hey! Not sure if I'm missing the link, but the link above goes directly to the $10 deal and I don't see a voucher option for the canvas. I do see the canvases are about 45% off but that doesn't seem to match up! Any thoughts? I'm hoping to buy the canvas voucher!
    • Avigayil M.
      I checked ALL my links and they just aren't redirecting properly. I suggest copying and pasting this link: into your browser.
  • Anna W.
    Links should all be working now... Sorry for the issues.

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