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Check out the Petsafe Drinkwell Zen Stainless Steel Pet Fountain. This fountain was $100 but now is only $50 @ This item also qualifies for free shipping from Amazon.

In our house, our kitty is a member of the family. He does not get everything he begs us for but we tend to cave when he gives us the right pleading look. Fresh food and water is of course important to have available for our pet. I know we do not always clean his water bowl as fast as we should to ensure his water is fresh.

Check out the PetSafe Drinkwell Zen Stainless Steel Pet Fountain. This bubbler was $100 but is now only $50. This large fountain with a pump should keep that water in your pets bowl moving. Keeping the water moving ensures that the water will be fresh for longer. This bubbling fountain also includes filters to help keep out odours, bad tastes and bacteria.

One of the great features about this pet fountain is the size. This fountain would easily accommodate a larger dog or multiple pets with its 1-gallon capacity of water. All of the pieces, with the exception of the pump, are dishwasher safe. That means this bubbler will have a quick clean up. I have a small basic plastic fountain with no pump for my cat, and the base gets scummy when I leave it alone too long. I end up over the sink scrubbing off that nasty scum. I know that mildew growth is not good for my poor kitty.

I am not seeing many other stainless steel pet fountains on the market at the major retailers.  I found one stainless steel 360 degree fountain at a shop called Ren’s Pets for $89. Ren's Pets is based out of Ontario and ships all across Canada. has a fountain with a bubbler made of BPA free plastic at $77 that is only available in store but looks to be a similar size. If not having the fountain made of something other than plastic is important to you, also has a stonewear fountain for $99. I also found a larger 360 degree fountain in plastic  at New Egg that could handle multiple pets for $130. I would pick up this fountain from

Reviews overall are mixed on this fountain. The fountain is clocking in at three and a half stars with fourteen people who have rated it on Amazon. Some people love it and say it is a great product. Other reviewers say the pump is a bit noisy and expected to be able to clean this water bowl less often than it calls for. Keep in mind the number of times a week you have to clean the water bowl is impacted by how large your pet is and how many pets you have.

Overall, I would say this is a good deal. Most of the bubbler style fountains with a pump run between $75 to $100. This fountain has the added benefit of a large capacity to accommodate a larger pet or multiple pets. I would try this for my kitty and I only have one pet. Shipping is free with this order on Amazon. Grab it before it is gone and it should be to your house in a snap.

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