Peoples Jewellers Canada: Clearance Diamond Accent Charms

5 February 2014


Peoples Jewellers Canada has several diamond accent charms (for a charm bracelet) on clearance for a substantial discount.

These following charms are discounted and were originally $199.99 each, now discounted to $79.99 a piece:

The diamond weight for one of the charms is not included in its description as you can see above. There are a number of other charms also discounted at different price points.

I think the boat charm is my favourite because it is just so cute. The diamond pave looks really pretty and adds a certain sparkle to it when the light hits the charm.

You can get these shipped to your local store for free. If you want them shipped directly to you then shipping will be around $12.95 but can vary depending on where the item is shipped and what the item is.

(Expiry: 31st December 2014)

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