Oster MyBlend Blender 35% Off @ Amazon.ca -- Now $26 | Lightning Deal!

Personal blenders are so handy to have around the house. They can be great for very small amounts that might get lost in a food processor (e.g. making a serving of baby food) but they're a must-have for smoothies and other mixed drinks. One of the day's Lightning Deals at Amazon Canada is 35% off a red Oster MyBlend Personal Blender. Normally selling for $39.99, you can get one today for only $25.99 and it will ship to your door for free.

We have two of these in our kitchen and I wouldn't want to be without one. I make a fruit smoothie every single day. They're perfect for one serving and the cups are designed to be portable; just blend and go!

The Oster MyBlend Blender has an ice-crushing 250 watts of power. There is a huge range of wattage among full-sized blenders but the average is about 500 watts for a countertop model. So, half that power and a container about a third of the size of the average blender, makes for a great little machine. This model comes with a 20 oz. (dishwasher safe) sports bottle as the blending vessel and if you are blending a smoothie or drink, you just switch out the blade for the drinking cap and you've got a sturdy to-go cup without dirtying another bottle.

This Lightning Deal is only available for the red model but if you don't want the sporty making a permanent home on your kitchen counter, these little guys are small but mighty and incredibly easy to store.

Ive gone through a number of personal blenders in the last few years and have found this to be one instance where brand name is often (not always) better. Oster is a high-quality brand that has been making blenders forever so you can trust the quality. But if that's not enough, just check out some of the reviews. Nine out of 10 are 5-star; it's praised for its power and compact design.

The Oster MyBlend Blender was priced at $39.99 at every Canadian retailer I could find carrying it. Why not grab one for 35% off from Amazon Canada and have it delivered for free?

Hurry, though! Amazon's Lightning Deals only last the day or until they've all been "claimed" at the lower price. As of this writing, they're 35% claimed and climbing so there's still time but you'll want to jump on it quickly so you don't miss out!

(Expires: 4th January 2016)


  • Saron
    I got this last year when you guys posted about the Home Shopping Network freebie promo. Highly recommend this blender, works much better than my bullet and takes up little space!
  • Rebecca H.
    I ordered one. I hope I like it!
  • Megan B.
    I tried the Magic Bullet in the beginning too and it certainly didn't last long! I think you'll love it, Rebecca! ;)

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