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Futurama fans we are calling you. Today only, you can pick up the complete series of Futurama on DVD including all 8 seasons at 63% off. Originally priced at $124, you can now buy the whole series for only $75. Free shipping is included for this item on Amazon.

Futurama is a hilarious series set in a retro yet futuristic world. We follow Fry, a not-so-smart human who is frozen cryogenically in the year 2000 and finds himself awake in the year 2999. He gets a job as a cargo/pizza delivery boy with his only living relative and makes a group of misfit friends both human and alien alike. The show is created and written by Matt Groening and David Cohen of The Simpsons and has a similar sense of humour. Personally, I think it is a hilarious series and have spent many evenings enjoying an episode of Futurama over the years.  I find the series has the humour of The Simpsons or Family Guy combined with the futuristic space fun of The Jetsons plus they added in more aliens.

Futurama fans mean serious business. The series has had a tough haul from beginning to end as it moved around to multiple TV networks and even stopped production for about 4 years in the middle. Producers felt that comedy was too harsh and crass for prime time TV. Fans of the series felt differently. Fuelled by reruns, they created online campaigns to bring the series back. Somewhere I even have a T-shirt for saving Futurama, in my closet. Eventually the series did return to a different network with the entire original cast. Futurama has won numerous awards for being an excellent animated series including 6 Emmy wins and 14 Emmy nominations.

I would pick this one up on DVD and not bother waiting for the Blu-ray version myself. Since the series history is so disjointed, I suspect it will take them quite a while to reformat this into something decent for Blu-ray. Enjoy the episodes now instead.

I should note that I have seen several places around the web that the series was on sale for $70 just before the holidays. If you missed that sale however, $75 is still an amazing price for this entire series. Check out what the competitors are offering.

  • $117 @ Walmart - only sold as individual seasons, ranging from $10 to $25 each
  • $135 @ - Reserve for in store pick-up only
  • $140 @ Chapters Indigo
  • $169 @

As I mentioned before, fans of this series are full force in their love and loyalty for the characters. Several reviewers are mentioning packaging flaws on the DVDs. Here’s one happy reviewer overall.

A few minor packaging flaws but it’s nothing in comparison to the content of the series. I have been a fan of the series since it started and couldn't wait to get a complete set. Love the Hypnotoad extra episode.

I would pick this one up now, folks. The series has only been available on DVD for about a year and I do not think we will see the price drop down again like this for a while.

Bargainmoosers, are there any TV shows you like enough to own the T-shirt?

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