Ink Doodle Canada Coupon Code: 75% Discount!

16 August 2014


While browsing one of the ubiquitous Canadian daily deal sites the other day, I spotted an offer for This was a store on a CA domain which I’d never heard of before, so I decided to check it out. Upon browsing over to their Facebook page, I noticed a coupon code for a 75% discount… that’s a very high percentage so I have researched the deal and the site a bit more and will share the info with you here!

Click here to use the InkDoodle coupon code online now

  • Coupon Code: 75OFF
  • Discount: 75% off
  • Expires: 20th August 2014

With this InkDoodle coupon code, you can use it on everything on site. It brings some of the prices down to a very low level.

What About Shipping?

Sadly, Canadian shipping from Ink Doodle is quite high. It’s a flat-rate of $15 per item. So the 75% coupon code really does give us some low prices, but then you have to pay the shipping on top of that. Make sure to factor the shipping in when you’re deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

Let me show you some examples! I’m going to compare a basic photo canvas, so the size and price can be compared with a few other popular Canadian photo canvas stores. A basic square 12x12 mounted canvas would total $37.50 including shipping from InkDoodle, that’s factoring in the 75% discount (you would probably have to pay taxes on top of that figure).

From, a 12x12 canvas comes to $32.90 plus $19.90 shipping, coming to a total of $52.80. From, a 12x12 comes to $38.99 (thought you get free shipping from spending $75+ from that store, keep it in mind).

Now, I am not saying that every single item on the InkDoodle site is going to be a bargain just because of this 75% coupon code, but it’s worth checking out.

Our author Avigayil has spotted InkDoodle in the past when they’ve been on Groupon, so they seem to frequently have great deals on daily deals sites as well as these type of high-value coupons. What I mean by this – don’t buy from InkDoodle at full price. Always look for a daily deal or coupon code.

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