Groupon Deal: Belly Dance Maternity


Today’s Canadian national deal on Groupon Canada is from Belly Dance Maternity, an online store. They are offering us $50 worth of maternity items for only $25!

As I write this, only 4 people have made the purchase, but they need a minimum of 100 to make the deal active. You don’t need to worry about that though – if they don’t meet their minimum target, you won’t be charged.

There are a few restrictions on your purchases though, such as you cannot use the $50 gift certificate towards sale items (which is a bit restrictive). But what you could do is have a look through the full priced items at Belly Dance Maternity online, and see if you could easily spend $50 there.

When you’re big and pregnant, it’s really nice to have nice clothing that fits well, especially if you’re going out for a special occasion. It’s a nice treat!

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