Gelaskins Canada: 10% Off Gift Certificates

Little late on buying gifts? No worries: get 10% off Gelaskin gift certificates. Give a gift certificate and let the recipient pick out what they like best.

Things like Gelaskins are pretty personal: people want a piece of art that reflects their personality on their sweet electronics. The easy answer is to buy a gift certificate. But how do you get a deal on a gift certificate? No one puts them on sale. Except Gelaskins. Get 10% off all those lovely gift certificates... here is how the savings works out:

  • $22.50 for $25 card
  • $45 for $50 card
  • $67.50 for $75 card
  • $90 for $100 card

These gift certificates are not redeemable till the 25th December 2012 - Christmas Day.

I was given a lovely iPhone 5 as an early Christmas gift - and need to get a skin for it! No reason to let it's beautiful back get all scratched up. :-)

Expiry: 24th December 2012

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