Free Offer for Mabel's Labels on Specially Marked Sunlight


We got a lovely email from Mooser Nicola letting us know that there is a special promotion going on with Sunlight and Mabel's Labels.

Nicola wrote:

If you buy a 2X concentrate Sunlight with the hangtag, you can get 25 free tag labels from Mabel's Labels and they throw in a coupon to thank you as well.  Pretty nice.  I have received mine already and it was simple and straightforward!

I did some research and found a couple links relating to this promotion. If you click here it will tell you where on the hang tag to find your code plus FAQ and if you click here you can enter your code for redemption. All really straight forward. You can choose between two font colours and different icons for your stickers. A rather nice gift with purchase.

Thanks Nicola!


  • Jon
    This was fast. I got my order inside of a week
  • Mabel's D.
    We're so pleased to be offering this promotion through Sunlight! One order per household. Thanks for spreading the word Nicola!
    • Avigayil
      Can't wait to dig up a Sunlight bottle with it on it!
  • Selmada
    I ordered. We're waiting now. I am anxious to see these labels in person. Its hard to tell how good something is over the web. I was a bit disappointed though since it looks like people were taking the hang tags off the sunlight without buying it at my local safeway (guess they didnt read the fine print or hopefully didnt cheat and write down the UPC). I was lucky to find a bottle with the tag still on it.

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