Free Multi-Purpose Pocketknife (Just Pay Shipping) @ Sale4theday

Over on, the Canadian daily deal site, they've got freebie Friday happening today. On Fridays, they offer an item for free (or $0.01) and you just pay the shipping fee on it. Today, it's a free multi-purpose pocketknife worth $19.99, and the shipping charge is only $4.99.


Ever wanted to feel like MacGyver....always ready for whatever life throws at you? Get this 11 in 1 Pocketknife and rest assured that you will always be equipped for any situation. Perfect for Camping in the summer and all year around use! Limit of 3 per customer.

I'll admit that these are handy to have around, either in your junk drawer in the kitchen, or in a pocket somewhere in the car. Sometimes you need a little blade for something... as I have found out in recent days, when re-decorating my new house. I always needed a blade for opening paint tins, scraping stray splodges of paint of the windows, lots of little things like that. :)

(Expires 20th July 2012)

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  • Sean
    4 dollars regular price from Deal Extreme with Free Shipping.

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