Especially Favoured: 25% Off Coupon Code


I was smitten with the toys at this website the first time I looked at them! Not only were they decently good priced, but they were solid, quality, classic, fun looking toys! So now I am sharing them with you all!

Especially Favoured is a Canadian company run out of Calgary, Alberta. They specialize in toys, gifts, diaper cakes, loot bags, baby gear, and party supplies/favours.

With the following coupon you can get:

  • Discount: 25% off all baby gear and toys
  • Coupon Code: babyvibe
  • Expires: August 22, 2010

They start out with very reasonable prices so I am sure you will find this place delightful. They have a Princess Dress-up Peg Puzzle for only $6.99, Isabooties for $26.99, an organic Blanket Friend Doll for $11.99... and it goes on! Just check out the links above.

With an extra 25% off, you could really get some fabulous deals!

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