eBay Canada: Free Listings and Buy Now Option Added for Free

Sellers who list Auction-style from July 11 to 17, 2012, will pay no insertion fees per item listed for up to 50,000 listings in the Auction-style format. The Buy It Now option may also be added to these listings for free.

This is great if you are a big seller because usually you only get 50 free insertion fees a month. However, this is also good for the occasional seller as you can add a "Buy It Now" option for free. The insertion fee is usually $0.10 up to $2 so on a few listings you are saving some good money. The buy it now option is usually $0.05 to $0.25. In the long run, all those can add up.

Selling stuff on eBay is an excellent alternative to Kijiji. You can sell your good - condition items that are worth a bit. Thus you can clean out your house and get some money for it.

Because of this promotion I just listed a tote I have never used: primarily because the drop for the handles was too small for my liking. I put it on a 7 day auction and am pretty excited about clearing it out of my closet and getting some cash to reinvest in my wardrobe, or to stick in a savings account. Because of the promo I paid only 65 cents for listing my item, because I went for the designer, the subtitle, and the ability to enlarge my pictures. I am planning on listing some more stuff before the promo ends.

Expiry: 17th, July 2012

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