eBay Canada: Budget Friendly Car Covers

If you have a vehicle that is just sitting, or one you perhaps don't use in the winter... protection is necessary to prolong the life of the vehicle. If you don't have the garage space, getting a vehicle cover is a very good idea. Auto Armour Car covers on eBay has an excellent selection of vehicle covers at good prices.

You can choose from different levels of protection. Some covers are water resistant, others are waterproof. Some have several cotton layers, others have none. It really depends on where you are storing the vehicle and the elements it will be exposed to.

A level 7 cover for most vehicles is just under $100... with just under $40 shipping. These aren't your generic car covers, they are semi-custom. That means they are curved to the shape of your vehicle and will do a better job at keeping it safe. A 4-layer car cover starts at just $80 (including shipping). These are superior to your generic car covers from your regular automotive place, and are a great alternative to paying full price for a cover from your vehicle's dealer.

Covers will help keep the elements off your vehicle and reduce fading, as well as delay rust.

All prices in USD. These guys have sold a LOT of covers, and have excellent ratings. That is probably due to their warranty and 365 day money back guarantee!

If any of our Moosers know other places to get good priced vehicle covers, drop us a line!

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