Ebay Canada Big Deals


Almost every day, I nip on to eBay Canada to see if there are any good bargains to be had in the Big Deals section. Usually, there are only 2 items at a time in that section, but when I looked at it today, there are loads of deals! I thought I'd post about it, as that is quite a change (from only 2 daily deals up to about 17).

If you don't know what the eBay Canada big deals are, they are just a selection of powersellers which eBay have chosen to highlight, and they all offer free Canadian shipping on their offers. The free shipping is particularly good, because I think that some eBay sellers tend to artificially inflate their shipping fees, maybe to make a little bit of extra profit. When they advertise with free shipping, you can clearly see the price you are going to pay, as these are all "buy it now" offers.

Some examples from the current offers:

As always, I recommend you price compare before making your purchase though - just because it's on eBay, doesn't necessarily mean it is cheaper than elsewhere.


  • TT
    thanks for this....just picked up an Elle lunchbag. Great deal.
  • tanyaewa
    I love all the inside info you share!!!!! off to shop....

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